110 Year Old Heroine Nun Dies

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Refutation of the lament that only the good die young:


Cecylia and her sisters, at the risk of their own lives, hid a group of 17 Jews, among them Abba Kovner, Arie Wilner, Chaja Grosman, Edek Boraks, Chuma Godot and Izrael Nagel, who later became part of the Jewish resistance of the Ghettos of Vilnius and Warsaw. The plan to hide these Jews was an idea of ​​the Superior, Sr. Bertrand Anna Borkowska, and it development was not without difficulties, beginning with the great differences between the two groups: a group of contemplative catholic nuns and a group of secular Jews, but finally very close bonds were formed between them. The Jews helped the nuns to work in the field and even referred to the superior as “Ima”, which means “mother” in Hebrew.

Go here to read the rest.  May Sister Sister Cecylia Maria Roszak even now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.

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  1. “Życie jest piękne, ale krótkie” (life is beautiful but short). -Sr. Cecilia Roszak

    Great story.
    God be with her.

  2. I was not aware of this. Thank you for this post. World War II was a horrific experience for the lands between Hitler and Stalin, the place Timothy Snyder called The Bloodlands in his book by the same name.

    Unlike North Africa, Italy and Western Europe after D-Day, when the US and the UK could legitimately be called “the good guys” there was no such thing in the Bloodlands.

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