The Catholic Awakening to the Pontificate

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Many of us have slowly come around to realizing that the current papacy falls short on many fronts, especially compared to its recent predecessors.  In the film Matrix, this is what is called “Red Pilling” or to recognize falsehood when one sees it.

Some of us have spoken up such as my co-blogger Donald McClarey via Pope Watch.  Others, such as myself, have stopped popesplaining the various odd utterings, the off-the-cuff plane pontifications, dodgy encyclicals, questionable appointments, & every spirity post-Vatican II fadstatement that has escaped the papal meditation chamber-apartments.

I still cannot find the words to address the scandal that has enveloped the papacy, but, Patrick Coffin, Taylor Marshall, & Timothy Gordon conducted a video podcast the day before Thanksgiving, November 21 titled, “Red Pilled on Pope Francis” which represents many of my unspoken sentiments.  These three distinguished Catholic analysts eloquently elucidate the many issues regarding Pope Francis.  The video podcast is very engaging & worth your time.

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  1. Rather, would that it were we were talking in terms of the loyal opposition than that of the resistance. Resistance sounds too much like protest.

  2. The podcast is a good one. And it isn’t couched so much in terms of resistance as it is awareness. The latter is daunting enough.

  3. Ernst & Dale,

    Choosing the title for this post was a bit challenging. Originally I wanted to use “Insurrection”, but that has a connotation of violence.

    “Loyal Opposition” just doesn’t have the same oomph to it, as does “Awareness”.

    It was late & I wanted to post it before I hit the bed last night, so I settled on “Resistance”. Only in the morning did I realize that the far-left uses the same term against President Trump, but I let it stand. Messing around with a post once is okay, but more than once & it loses it’s momentum so-to-speak.

  4. My own stance has morphed over the years. Being Jesuit trained, it started off with apprehension and a sigh on learning that he was a South American Jesuit. It meant that this Papacy was going to likely be a period of heavy lifting with lots of “well…he really meant this…”

    Early on within the first few weeks, Pope Francis was giving a spiritual bouquet of rosaries, which he quickly disparaged. This was a major alarm. It is also a pattern that I haven’t seen picked up by most people. Pope Francis places the corporal works of mercy above the spiritual works of mercy (which is false) and often goes out of his way to disparage the contemplative. People interpret Pope Francis as attaching traditionalists — I don’t. He is attacking contemplatives.

    But there is another problem: Who can describe Pope Francis’ actions as anything other than attacking his own flock?

    The stance that I generally have taken is not to cover for Pope Francis, but rather let his own words and actions be clarified without attacking him. None of the games of “well he really meant” but instead “he really did mean”.

    In the situation of an abused wife, it takes a while for her to stop saying “he didn’t mean to hit me” to being able to accept the situation for the reality of him really meaning to hit her.

    That is sort of where most people who have “red pilled” are at now. The “now what?” that comes after realizing that one has an abusive father/spouse. Some are going the annulment route: Pope Francis never really was Pope. Some are just going to weather the storm, praying the beatings away — as if Catholics believe that one is saved by faith apart from works.

    Let me close by asking a question. If we were to remove from consideration that any of this (writings, talks on a plane, etc.) was done by a Pope, would we consider it Catholic? Exactly.

  5. “Some are just going to weather the storm, praying the beatings away — as if Catholics believe that one is saved by faith apart from works.” Pope Francis is 81 years old. He will not last many more years, and it is an article of faith that the damage he can do, though very great indeed, is in fact limited. The bit about “saved by faith apart from works” may have meaning for the state of the Pope’s own soul, but it really makes no sense in the context of those who understand that in each century there will be one Pope worse than all the others, and that Catholicism is not the worship of the Pope.

  6. Tito:
    I don’t object to the word “resistance.” I just don’t think the men in the video are quite to that point. They just reached the point some of us did a few years back: the pontiff is no friend to us, much less a kindly father. But the awareness he’s a carping step-father who resents the kids he inherited is the important first step.

  7. One man with God is the majority.

    One needs to discern Is PF a man with God? And, Is PF a man of good will? Gather evidence as he acts/reacts.

    Maybe in the same vein as Barack Hussein O’s and HRH Hillary’s dire disappointment with normal Americans, normal Catholics are seriously disappointing to PF and that gang of progressive activists.

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