The above video is one of the Prager University videos that have been placed involuntarily in restricted mode by TheirTube Youtube.  Go here to view a list of the Prager University videos so restricted.

What is restricted mode?  Here is TheirTube’s Youtube’s explanation:

A video is not automatically filtered from Restricted Mode if it is flagged by the community.
Flagged videos are reviewed by our team for violations of our Community Guidelines. Some videos don’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases, our review team may place an age restriction on the video. Videos that are age-restricted will not appear for users that have Restricted Mode turned on.
In practice what is deemed not appropriate for all audiences seems to be videos that do too good a job of conveying ideas that the powers that be at TheirTube Youtube do not like. Overwhelmingly, those ideas are conservative ones.
One of the great things about the internet was the freedom.  It was the living embodiment of Oliver Goldsmith’s Liberty Hall:
“Mr. Marlow—Mr. Hastings—gentlemen—pray be under no constraint in this house. This is Liberty-hall, gentlemen. You may do just as you please here.”
The Tech oligarchs do not like such freedom.  Most of them are members in good standing of the Left.  They prize diversity, unless diverse people decide to think one iota differently from them and then they have an intolerance that would cause any of the inquisitors in the history of the Church to blush.  They are offended by ideas they do not endorse, and by the very idea that people have the temerity to think differently from the way they do.
The author Evelyn Beatrice Hall in a 1906 book entitled The Friends of Voltaire , stated the following in summarizing the attitude of Voltaire:
“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
The Tech Oligarch’s attitude can be summarized thusly:
“I disapprove of what you say, and  I will defend to the death my right to deplatform you.”
Deplatforming is all the rage on the Left.  People who do not think like good proper Leftists are to be deprived of forums and audiences.  Such deplatforming takes many forms:  not hiring conservative academics and ensuring a 90% plus dominance of faculty positions in academia by the Left, Leftist mobs screaming down conservatives who attempt to speak on campuses, firing conservatives from jobs for badthink, Antifa mobs attacking people attending conservative rallies, and Tech Oligarchs doing their worst to limit the audiences of conservatives on social media, and sometimes banning them entirely.
My ancestor, Major Andrew McClary, New Hampshire militia, did not die fighting at Bunker Hill to see freedom of speech die bit by bit by the bites of the mice of the Left.  Time to stand up to these intolerant boors.


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  1. In Westmoreland County VA small signs are at traffic lights (there are three), and shopping centers offering gun training for women. Bet it’s more for self defense than deer hunting.

  2. I only-rarely go to YouTube to listen to/view bagpipe music. [Drives the warden nuts.] Previously, I viewed videos with WWII German soldaten singing marching songs, e.g., “Erika.” I think some had warnings attached, but I could see them.

  3. @Ernst Schreiber — And “Prager University” pretending to be a university is not at all doublespeak?

    No one likes to play pretend more than Americans. We have 2 million Freemasons who pretend to have had something to do with building both the Pyramids and the Temple of Solomon (and many pretend to be “Knights Templar”). It is easy to find the leadership of tiny, independent churches giving themselves grandiose titles, like the small church in Texas whose van I witnessed proclaiming the name of their “CHIEF Apostle” (the more run-of-the-mill variety of Apostle not being listed). Just don’t tell me you are Princess Ariel of Atlantica and expect to be taken seriously. Likewise, don’t tell me you’re a university when you’re not and expect to be taken seriously, or you will be disappointed.

  4. Belloc wrote an editorial in his paper the New Witness, pointing out that the power of the Press was to suppress

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