The Perfect Story for Harvard

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Ah, Leftists, tolerant of everyone except people who think one iota differently from them.

A Harvard graduate student was told she has to move out of her apartment after her roommates found her legally owned firearms “uncomfortable” and anxiety-inducing.

Leyla Pirnie, a 24-year-old Alabama native, told the Washington Free Beacon that she felt roommates violated her privacy after searching her room without her consent and then confronting her over gun ownership.


Go here to read the rest.  A few comments:

  1. College and grad school is a bizarre time when you can find yourself living with complete, and frequently loosely wired, strangers.
  2. The roommates sound as if they have a great future in some totalitarian state as heresy hunters.  Venezuela is calling for you ladies.
  3. The landlord is straying into possible legal jeopardy, depending upon what the lease terms are, in siding with one group of tenants against another who is engaging in legal conduct.  I constantly tell my landlord clients to not get involved in tenant squabbles unless illegal conduct is involved, in which case call the cops and let them sort it out.
  4. Southerners have a point when they call many Yankees crazy.
  5. Lawyers get rich on many people not having the common sense that God gave a goose.

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  1. Need to make a bumper sticker.
    “I’m not accepting, I’m tolerant. Learn the difference.”

    They keep using “tolerant” when they mean that they accept something that we don’t– but they won’t tolerate what they don’t accept.

  2. The left continues to be champions of victim swapping.
    The roommates break the law yet they are victimized by the innocent.

    If the roommates ever find themselves helpless at the hands of an M-13 gang member, and wished with all their being that they had a gun to defend themselves, then at that very moment they might just recall the day when they cried wolf for liberals glory in December of 2018. Nothing quite like being raped to feel “uncomfortable” and anxiety-induced.

    M-13 would love to see strict gun laws. They wouldn’t have to fear a gun fight coming from one of their targets.

  3. Many years ago, the radio humorist Henry Morgan was asked to give an explanation of his legal troubles, the source of which in his case was a woman to whom he’d been briefly married to ca. 1947 suing him for alimony payments. (He was interviewed about it in 1982): “to the best of my knowledge, [she] never had a paying job and has gradually divested herself of outside interests. I’m the only interest left… I’m what she does.”

    The Democratic Party and it’s votaries have divested themselves of any interest in public policy. The only thing they have left is displays of socially-sanctioned aggression.

  4. I can understand her flatmate’s concerns.

    As a gun-owner myself, I would not like to be in a house where firearms were not stored in a proper gun-room, or at least a secure safe (and any ammunition in a separate one).

    I keep my Purdys and my Holland & Holland in a bank vault as, otherwise, the insurance would be prohibitive. Also, with a decent shotgun, even a second-hand one, costing about the same as a new Range Rover, they would be a magnet for thieves, another not unimportant security consideration

  5. Also, with a decent shotgun, even a second-hand one, costing about the same as a new Range Rover,

    The current generation of Remingtons of the sort my father owned retail for about $1,000. She had a pistol. Glock’s currently retail at Dick’s for about $80. The burglary rate in England and Wales exceeds that in the United States by about 60%. You don’t have many home invasions over here because a critical mass of homeowners are willing and able to cure home invaders with a dose of lead.

    Aside from the discourtesy, her roommates can (depending on the jurisdiction) be subject to process for rummaging through her personal effects.

  6. “You don’t have many home invasions over here because a critical mass of homeowners are willing and able to cure home invaders with a dose of lead.”

    Comment of the week Art! Take ‘er away Sam!

  7. “Dick’s” must be a mobile, back-alley retailer.

    Because if I could get an $80 Glock from Dick’s Sporting Goods, I’d have to seriously reconsider my disdain for both corporations.

  8. “Dick’s” must be a mobile, back-alley retailer.

    My regrets. I pulled up a page of BB guns. It’s $500.00 from the manufacturer. (Not my hobby. Sold Dad’s guns).

  9. Art Deco

    Check the prices for 2nd hand Purdeys here

    My own pair, made for me in 1966 are valued for insurance at £45K.

    That still does not address the need for a safe, a licensing requirement in the UK and obviously in the interestsof gun-owners and the public alike.

  10. The Left tries to construct gun-control on a foundation of fictions more ideological than logical. I think they simply have incorporated gun-control as part of a globally governed post American world. For example, gun free schools. Every person should agree that the protection of the life safety of our children is of the highest importance but does anyone really think that a madman bent on murder will scruple over a minor legal matter? Our children, like sheep among wolves, are best protected by a shepherd with a lupera.

  11. MPS, I’m not sure why this woman’s conduct should be regulated by the fact that you own a gun which is appraised at 25x what it would cost me to replace one of my fathers old skeet guns or somewhere around 50x what it would cost to replace the pistol she actually owns.

    Her flatmate’s aren’t ‘concerned’. They don’t like her and they’re scheming to get rid of her.

  12. $500 for a Glock ain’t too bad. Vintage guns are a whole other world wrt pricing. If a shotgun in the UK costs more than a RR, that explains a lot.

  13. C Matt
    Here are the prices for new guns from Purdey Price: for Purdey over-and-unders in 12-, 16- or 20-bore start at £108,720 ($138,477). In 28-bore and .410 they rise to £115,320. A Damas version is one of the most expensive guns in the world, and would cost you at least £130,320 ($165,090). Delivery: 18-24 months. (They takeover 900 hours to build)

    From Holland & Holland
    Price: with a single trigger of £98,400 ($125,490), including VAT, in 12-, 16- and 20-bore; 28-bore and .410 cost £104,400 ($133,141). The firm produces 75 to 80 guns a year.

    Of course, guns of this quality will last for a lifetime and more. I have had my grandfather’s Churchills re-proofed and no work was needed. In fact, those are the guns I use for ground game (rabbits and pigeons) around the farm and the common grazings (where I have the sporting rights) in winter

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