PopeWatch: Pilon

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Father Z takes note of the Pope’s comment in a forthcoming book about homosexuality:

Aciprensa has it.  HERE

The UK’s (and now US’s) best Catholic weekly has it.  HERE

Francis made a book/interview which will be released next week.  A sample has been released.

In the sample we find that Francis says that pastoral care must be given to homosexuals, but that they should not be admitted to formation as religious or as priests.

“But FATHER! But FATHER!”, some of you are howling, “You are NOT reporting accurately.   There have to be… nuances… subtleties… complexities and refinements.  There must be…rainbows and bridges and…”

NO.  That’s what Francis said.  Read:

Francis warned. “It’s [Homosexuality is] not just an expression of an affection. In consecrated and priestly life, there’s no room for that kind of affection. [Even in the Jesuits?] Therefore, the Church recommends that people with that kind of ingrained tendency should not be accepted into the ministry or consecrated life. The ministry or the consecrated life is not his place.”  [Or her.]

We “have to urge homosexual priests, and men and women religious to live celibacy with integrity, and above all, that they be impeccably responsible, trying to never scandalize either their communities or the faithful holy people of God by living a double life. It’s better for them to leave the ministry or the consecrated life rather than to live a double life.[He is talking about active homosexuality.]

The pope was asked in the book if there are limits to what can be tolerated in formation.

“Of course. When there are candidates with neurosis, marked imbalances, difficult to channel not even with therapeutic help, [So, here he seems to put homosexuality in with other disorders.  Rightly so.] they shouldn’t be accepted to either the priesthood or the religious life, They should be helped to take another direction, but they should not be abandoned. They should be guided, but they should not be admitted. [Third time!] Let us always bear in mind that they are persons who are going to live in the service of the Church, of the Christian community, of the people of God. Let’s not forget that perspective. We have to care for them so they are psychologically and affectively healthy,” the pope replied.

That seems to settle that.

Remember: Priesthood and religious life are not rights.  No one has the right to be a priest or religious.



Go here to read the comments, especially this one by Gil Garza:


I believe that Francis has handed his critics a pilón.

A pilón is a candied treat of little value meant to convey personal affection and the high regard of the recipient. A Peronist leader uses pilóns to secure the support of factions although they may be highly opposed to one other, within the government. Each faction therefore feels highly regarded within the coalition and treasures their pilón.

A Peronist uses personal outreach and pilóns to secure the support of each group while he uses the official means of their administration to plot an unspoken path. The course of the Peronist government may be directly opposed to a particular group or faction of groups. However, the Peronist leader uses the pilón and his personal outreach to make that group or faction feel like part of the ruling coalition, despite the actions of his government.

The allure of the Peronist form of government is the total control of all aspects of society in which the answer to every problem in society is the government. The Peronist is a fascist form of totalitarianism in which seductive exercise absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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  1. I realize reading this article that I’m still holding out in a way on this Pope. I’m holding out in thinking that he’s a confused thinker and not a deciever. A Pope as a deciever? I would have thought that such a monstrosity could not exist. I’d better at least be mentally prepared that it could.

  2. The man has literally surrounded himself with the very people he now says should not be priests. His most famous line was uttered in defense of one such priest who, if the media accounts are true, was in no way acting in good faith. Francis is a deceiver.

  3. Forgive me, but that was my first thought when I read about this. I envisioned the pope needing approval from his puppet masters before making these statements.

    I absolutely love the wordsmithing of the one superior, “It is only an expression of an affection.”

  4. A recap from a not to distant past, provided by Lifesite;

    Just this month, notoriously pro-homosexual Jesuit Fr. James Martin – who was made a Vatican consultant during this pontificate and a speaker at the World Meeting of Families in Ireland – stated that Pope Francis has gone out of his way to appoint “gay-friendly” bishops and cardinals in the Catholic Church.
    Also this month, the Vatican approved a priest as rector of a Catholic university in Germany who has said and continues to maintain that homosexual couples should receive blessings in the Catholic Church.
    In August, Pope Francis consecrated as a bishop and put in charge of the Vatican Secret Archives a Portuguese pro-homosexual priest.
    In July, Pope Francis sent a three-page letter “blessing” and endorsing a Catholic ethics conference co-organized by Jesuit Father James Keenan, a public promoter of same-sex “marriage.” The conference featured many feminist and pro-LGBT speakers.
    In March, a French priest announced in a televised interview that Pope Francis approved of his blessing of homosexual couples.
    In February, one of the Pope’s top nine advisor cardinals suggested that spiritual encouragement of homosexual couples should be undertaken and blessings for homosexual couples should not be ruled out.
    In a book-length interview in September 2017, Pope Francis signaled support for legal recognition of same-sex “civil unions.”
    “Let us call things by their names,” he said. “Matrimony is between a man and a woman. This is the precise term. Let us call the same-sex union a ‘civil union.’”
    On October 2, 2016, Pope Francis referred to a woman who underwent a sex-change operation as a “man.” He referred to her as having “married” another woman and admitted to inviting them to and receiving them at the Vatican in 2015, describing the couple as “happy.” Clarifying his use of pronouns, the pope said, “He that was her but is he.”
    Despite the avalanche of evidence of harm to the Church from the Pope’s “who am I to judge” remark on his first plane interview in 2013, he repeated the line in June 2016 while misrepresenting the Catechism on homosexuality.
    In 2014, Pope Francis appointed Bishop Blase Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago despite his reputation for telling priests not to join 40 Days for Life. After he demonstrated his dissent from Catholic teaching on homosexuality, saying homosexual couples should be given Holy Communion, Cupich was nevertheless named a cardinal.
    When the United States nuncio had pro-family hero Kim Davis meet with Pope Francis at the nunciature during his USA papal visit, Davis was refused permission to take photos of the meeting. When the media asked the Vatican about the meeting they first refused to confirm it, and after some time said that “the only real audience granted by the Pope at the nunciature (embassy) was with one of his former students and his family.” The Pope’s former student, Yayo Grassi, was there with his sister, mother, and his homosexual partner. They took not only photos but also video in which Pope Francis can be seen embracing Grassi and his homosexual partner.
    In May 2014, Pope Francis concelebrated Mass with and kissed the hand of a leading homosexual activist priest campaigning for changes in the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.
    Cardinal Godfried Danneels, the archbishop emeritus of Brussels, was a personal appointment by Pope Francis to the Synods of Bishops on the family in 2014 and 2015. In addition to wearing rainbow liturgical vestments and being caught on tape concealing clergy homosexual sex abuse, Danneels said in 2013 of the passage of gay “marriage”: “I think it’s a positive development that states are free to open up civil marriage for gays if they want.”

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Puppet master pulling strings?
    Indeed. The Lavender Mafia is as busy as the inhabitants of hell spinning like mad to reach their quota. ( souls ) They are one and the same.


    The Lavender Mafia must be rooted out and forbidden to guide, pastor or exercise any priestly vocation in or near Catholic institutions.

  5. I can’t believe people are still falling for this tired old ploy of Bergoglio’s. He does this repeatedly every time he pushes his Modernist agenda too quickly and his scandals start to effect his popularity. The simple fact is, he not only despises orthodox Catholics, but he’s actually betting that the majority of them are truly this stupid and gullible.

  6. Absolutely — “a pilón.”
    Never take candy from a stranger, particularly a stranger who has a five and three quarter year track record of boldly poisoning or slipping the razor into the brownies. Let us see the expulsion of James Martin from the Jesuits, the very same man he invited to staff the secretariat for communications at the Vatican. In the final analysis, it is not homosexuality that is the corrupting element, it is secular materialism and a poorly veiled atheism. Faith in Jesus Christ makes all things possible — even a radically virtuous life for those shouldering same sex attraction. Without Christ you are sunk. That is what every Catholic priest — indeed every protestant minister — should be proclaiming from the house tops. But no, only social justice notions.
    Bergoglian is a Peronist — at best.
    Run. Do not simply walk away.

  7. And honestly, why this particular issue takes precedence over the Bergoglian betrayal of the living martyrs of China baffles me. What Bergoglio has perpetrated upon the faithful of China is a profanation of the very Body of Christ.
    This is a demonic paradigm to be sure.

  8. “Let us call things by their names,” he said. “Matrimony is between a man and a woman. This is the precise term. Let us call the same-sex union a ‘civil union.’”
    There is no “union” civil or otherwise. Sodomy is not the marital act. Male brides are a lie and perjury in a court of law. Sexual intercourse is a two way street. Co-pulation brings forth population.

  9. Mary.

    Just think of all the wannabe Saints that swam with the current and didn’t fight it.

    No one remembers their names.

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