Laugh Quote of the Week

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This piece of unintentional humor courtesy of NBC:


This all highlights the central asymmetry in American politics: Republicans will fight to the death – even after they lose power – while Democrats are more open to compromise and bipartisanship, because they want government to work.

Go here to read the rest.  To ardent partisans, and the mainstream media consists almost uniformly of partisan Democrats, the major thing wrong with their side is they never fight as dirty as those villainous rascals on the other side.

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  1. Reading the rest of the story the Republican legislatures of Wisconsin and Michigan have passed legislation that would curtail powers of the Democratic elect governors and attorneys general.
    Interesting as there is a stealthy move a foot in my state to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment. This time to protect abortion and transsexuals, etc. Etc. meaning all the the strange abbreviations added to LBGT.

  2. The reporters who identify as ‘Republicans’ work the sports beat, the crime beat, suburban news, and features. And in commuter belts with more than 800,000 people, they’re rare as hen’s teeth.

  3. It’s actually the byline of Chuck Todd and two other toads on the NBC staff, and includes a hat tip to that fraud, Dave Weigel of Journ-O-List.

  4. Likewise, “compromise” means “promise to do what the Republicans want later, if we do what the Democrats want right now.”

    And tomorrow never comes.

  5. Life is imitating art: Orwell’s 1984’s “Ministry Of Truth.”

    You may think the opposite of each and every logical fallacy (almost none of it is fact) spewed by the media, and that you will be closer to the truth.

    Post-modern journalism is not involved with answering the questions, “who?;” “Where?;” “When?;” “How Much?;” etc. It’s deciding what ad hominem, distortion, exaggeration, fabrication, omission, outright-lie to employ to make democrats/liberals look good and Republicans/conservatives look bad.

  6. Americans’ trust in our news media peaked in 1976, with 72%
    reporting a high degree of confidence in the MSM. Gallup attributed
    that peak in confidence to the media’s highly publicized and widely-
    lauded coverage of the Vietnam War and Watergate. Unfortunately,
    that was the high point in our confidence in our media, and Americans’
    trust has eroded ever since, and dropped below the majority in 2007.
    In 2016, just 32% of those polled reported having a great deal or fair
    amount of trust in mainstream news.

    In 2016, even among Democrats, only 51% declared the MSM to be
    trustworthy. Among self-described Independents, that figure had
    dropped to 30%, and among Republicans a mere 14% report having
    confidence in the trustworthiness of our news media.

    I cannot think of a single major news outlet that has taken the trouble
    to acknowledge this undeniable evaporation of its own credibility.
    The scandals involving Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Glenn Thrush, and
    the “JournoList” group were all handled as PR crises by our media,
    not as the journalistic malpractice and betrayal of trust they were.
    Astonishingly, the careers of Rather, Williams and Thrush received
    only temporary setbacks after their respective malpractices were
    uncovered, and all continue to be “respected journalists” to this day.
    Even after Williams was demonstrated to have fabricated multiple
    events in his resume– taking sniper fire, meeting the Pope, etc.–
    MSNBC had the chutzpah to have him produce a program on
    “The Lies of Donald Trump”. Thrush, while a political correspondent
    for Politico in 2016 was caught submitting his articles to
    the Hillary Clinton campaign for editing and approval before their
    publication– making his organization an unpaid PR organ for HRC’s
    campaign. Politico defended Thrush, and after the November
    election, the New Duranty Times — er, the New York Times
    hired him as its White House Correspondent. Evidently, his willingness
    to act as a Stepin Fetchit for the Democrats wasn’t a blot on his CV,
    but rather an enhancement in the eyes of the NYT.

    The MSM in this nation is a pathetic embarrassment, and anyone who
    does not question the narratives it sells is either hopelessly naive or
    simply isn’t paying attention.

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