The Eternal Convert

Now, listen, Will. Two years ago you were a passionate churchman. Now you’re a passionate Lutheran. We must just pray that when your head’s finished turning, your face is to the front again.

Saint Thomas More to future son-in-law William Roper, Screenplay A Man For All Seasons (1966)



Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts keeps track of the Catholic Leftist apologist Mark Shea.  Go here to read about it.  Shea brings to mind this admonition to King Clovis by Saint Regimius:

Worship what you have burnt; and burn what you have been worshipping.

Shea has the air of someone always looking for something new to believe in.  The rise of a Leftist Pope gave Shea the push to the Left that he had been edging towards for years.  Now he is a true believer, and apostle, of the Leftism of the moment and damns continually everyone sinful and wicked enough to believe what he believed the day before last.  It is a tiresome act and devoid of intellectual honesty.  The town whore is always welcome to repent, but having her then lead the chastity league, and denounce her fallen sisters in terms that would cause Torquemada to blush, is a bit much.  Shea I suspect is attempting to justify to himself his ring around the rosie flexible convictions, and his rage against those who point it out would indicate that he is failing to convince his target audience of one.




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  1. Besides having sold out to leftist politics, he seems just plain mentally unstable these days and lacking in basic decency. I posted a comment on one of his pieces and he used my e-mail address- which contained the name of an institution- that he knew from being moderator, to speculate something about me, then publicized it; and all so he could throw out an insult. Then, of course, he blocked me so i couldn’t comment on his privacy violation.

  2. Mark Shea is a very sick and demented person, like all liberal progressive feminists. As a strong believer in Catholicism, I get along with any Evangelical or Pentecostal Christian who may strongly disagree with Catholicism far better than I can with so-called Catholic people like Mark Shea who declare what they preach to be Catholicism.

    There is no point in engaging with people like Mark Shea. It is like wallowing in the mud with pigs, as the old saying goes. You end up getting filthy dirty and the pig enjoys the whole thing. To make everyone aware of his asininity and ridiculousness, it’s best to use your own blogs and FB posts and Twitter pages where he cannot (and dare) engage in debate lest by so doing he is revealed in the light of day to be the mindless agent and puppet of godless effeminate liberalism.

    And yes, if at all possible, laugh at him. The devil hates being laughed at.

  3. Mark-who? Except for these posts, he doesn’t exist.

    “I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect.” – Edward Gibbon

    Briefly, it seems that Mark-who? waxed sullen and wrathful; not unlike John McCain and his clan.

    His arguments may be characterized by ill-will, logical fallacies, and closed-mindedness.

    Old saying, “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” It may also be true of Mark-who? and whatever protsy cult out of which he converted.

  4. Gargantua has reached that point in his descent where he hates pro-lifers and boasts that he voted the straight pro-abortion ticket a month ago. He has joined Bergoglio, O’Malley, Cupich, Wuerl, Spadaro, Rosica, MS. Winters, Thomas Reese, Beans, Camosy, James Martin, et al., as a solid member of the pro-abortion katholyk church.

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