Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Juan Diego

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Señor Governor, think about what the sign you ask for will be, because then I will go to ask for it of the Queen of Heaven who sent me.

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  1. It was while doing prison ministry in Jefferson county jail that I helped one Juan Diego Rodriguez. He was facing a huge sentence, possible sixty years, for his third offence. He was climbing the walls, full of anxiety, and I received the phone call from the jail nurse who asked me if I would come down to meet him for the first time. I agreed.

    He couldn’t look me in the face.
    Through prayer I was lead to ask him one question that ended up changing his life. “Who named you?” “My grandma. Why?” That was the start to his new life.
    I brought my Bible and one blue card… the seven sorrows of Mary.

    The Holy Spirit did speak to his heart that evening. He did as I asked. Morning noon and evening praying the seven Dolors.
    This he did after I spent an hour of telling him the story of our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Deigo. He did not have parents as you may of had. They were having their own difficulties when he was born and his grandma ended up raising him, and naming him.

    This jail house conversion took hold and was having a positive effect on Juan’s pod-mates, including some of the guards.

    The public defender asked if I would give testimony on Juan’s behalf at the sentencing. “Yes. Of course I would” was my reply.
    It was set for July 31st 2002.

    I pulled out of the driveway heading for Jefferson, twenty minute drive, and started my rosary. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to say to the judge but I trusted that Our Lady would help me. For some reason I felt the urge to stop my rosary and turn on the Catholic radio station.
    I acted upon the urge.
    To my astonishment the canonization Mass for Juan Deigo was being broadcast from Rome. I cried with joy as I thought about this incredible “God-incidence” and any apprehension I had about what I was going to say was completely squashed.

    What is in a name?

    New life for starters.

    Juan Deigo…if you happen to read this I hope and pray that you are well. My last contact with him was at Black River Falls penitentiary where I visited him.
    He was going to regular, frequent, confession and Mass. His conversion truly took hold. He developed a love for our Immaculata. He also started interceding with St. Maximillian Kolbe.

    God is good to us.

    I shared this with you because God is merciful and His Works are perfect! I am a broken pencil in our Lady’s hand. He does the work!

    Blessed Solanus Casey; “God condescends to use our powers if we don’t spoil His plan with ours.”

    Have a happy feast day TAC.

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