US Net Exporter of Oil-Obama Hardest Hit

Trump gives me another reason not to regret my vote for him:

After decades of importing oil, the United States has — briefly, at least — become a net exporter of oil and petroleum products.

In the last week of November, the country exported more oil, gasoline and other petroleum products than it imported, marking a milestone for the domestic industry and for a White House that has been eager to secure what it calls “energy independence” with new domestic production.

U.S. Energy Information Administration data published yesterday show that the U.S. imported 8.84 million barrels per day of crude oil and petroleum products and exported 9.05 million barrels per day in the last week of November, amounting to a net export of 211,000 barrels per day.

Go here to read the rest.  Obama, like most Leftists, preferred failure that fit into his ideological agenda, than success for the nation that flew in the face of his green energy dreams.

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  1. The entire environment movement is Communism in disguise. It is the camel sticking his nose in the tent. Radical enviromentalism gives government the excuse it needs to control,every aspect of your life.

  2. I for one am quite gratified to see that Trump’s policies and programs have led us to being a net petroleum exported at least briefly. I would be more gratified if we regain our former dominance in nuclear energy. But sadly the toll of Obama’s anti-nuclearism with the appointment first of Gregory Jackzo as NRC Chairperson then (when his abusive behavior of women at the NRC caused too many complaints) of Allison McFarlane. Jackzo was Harry Reid’s science advisor against the Yucca Mountain repository for used nuclear fuel (it’s NOT spent and it’s NOT waste – it’s used and still has 95% of its energy content, so it can be reprocessed to remove fission product poisons). MacFarlane was a DOE geologist on Yucca Mountain and her husband an anthropologist in anti-nuclearism. Thus, during Obama’s tenure, more and more strangulating regulations built up till the nuclear renaissance that was supposed to occur due to George Bush’s global nuclear energy initiative was effectively asphyxiated. Then Obama went all global warming nuts and decided at the end of his 2nd term to start financing small modular reactors. Too little too late. Now we have reactors shutting down all across the US as temporarily cheap methane burners are built to carry the electrical load for the 70% of the time when wind and solar do not and cannot. Vermont Yankee, Kewanee, Crystal River, and San Onofre were among the first. Indian Points units 2 and 3, Pilgrim, First Energy’s units in Ohio and Pennsylvania, TMI (yes, there is still an operating unit there), Diablo Canyon, etc. are all following. And VC Summer new construction is abandoned. Only the Vogtle AP-1000s are going forward. All this will result in even more addiction to the methane pipe line, and given that the supply of methane is finite, the inevitable will happen: prices will rise. Not to mention that during winter time pipe lines can’t handle the demand for both home heating and electric generation. And not to mention that methane is very explosive as earlier this year residents in eastern Taxachussetts found out to their doom.

    No, I am not against fossil fuel per se. But I am a proponent of a diversified energy mix that includes a strong nuclear arm. Two years with no refueling. Capacity factor > 92% (better than coal, oil, gas, wind or solar). A mortality rate per terawatt hour lowest of any form of energy generation.  But Obama and the Democrats killed it. Oh, now the pink pussy hat, rainbow jacketed millennial snowflake nit wits all say that because of global warming (a fiction if ever there was one) we must built new nukes. I even got told that it is because of old white men like me who worked 40+ years in Naval and commercial nuclear power that it is failing and plants are shutting down. We’re supposedly the blame for not being innovative enough. The darn fools have such short memories. Only ten years ago their kind of excrement was protesting at nuke plant entrances to get them to shut down. So companies like Entergy and First Energy and Duke Energy are giving up. Methane is cheaper but only temporarily.

    I will also add this. Given the immorality and idolatry of these millennials, I would never trust them with the power of the atom whose safe use requires scrupulous adherence to regulation developed over 70 years since the late 1940s. These people openly despise experience and thus can’t even start a lawn mower! So if oil makes a resurgence over nuclear, this is only fitting given what I have personally seen happen. I am sorry to be so disgusted. But I am happy that our President irritates them to no end.

    PS, these new millennial startup nuclear companies advertising passively safe small reactors are one and all pro-liberal, pro-progressive and anti-Trump. Yet they all want to suckle at the teat of Donald Trump’s DOE.

  3. “Don’t you think Obama’s too busy taking credit for the energy boom to be hit hard?”

    What Obama did was this: knee cap coal and nuclear by the strangulation of excessive regulation, and use DOE money to subsidize useless, worthless solar and wind, both of which (because of less than 30 capacity factor) require spinning reserve in the form of explosive methane burners. He skewed the entire electric industry to favor methane suppliers over coal and uranium, using the constant mantra of green energy – save the planet. Yet the CH4 leakage alone that occurs naturally from methane burners is a far more potent green house gas than CO2 from burning coal ever was or can be. Green energy, black death – eco-imperialism. This is but another facet of the corporate socialism of the Democratic Party – finance those companies that feed into the eco-wacko liberal progressive feminist line of horse manure and stymie the rest.

    I will say again: I would rather see the demise of nuclear power than to see these godless liberals in control of the most powerful source of energy God gave mankind. Why? Because if they cannot obey natural law – protect the pre-born and the sanctity of marriage – they they darn sure will not obey the regulations needed for the safe use of nuclear power.

  4. And once again we see that the snow-billy was right and the coolest smartest, most sophisticated President evah! (or at least since the last cool, smart, sophisticated Democrat) is as naked as Hans Christian Anderson’s haute couture modeling emperor.

  5. We’re on the same page, Ernst Schreiber, and in violent agreement.

    When I got told by a co-worker that anyone who believes the Virgin Birth and a “sky god” should not be working in nuclear power because he believes in a myth, but anyone working in nuclear power must believe in the fiction of anthropogenic global warming because that’s scientific fact, I truly had enough. This is the kind of excrement that freaking Barack HUSSEIN Obama has wrought. I can only hope and pray that Trump is able to hold on long enough to instill sufficient common sense back into the country that we can recover our capacity to reason. Good that Trump’s policies results in our now being a net energy exporter. Want to know why these millennial socialists hate that? Because abundant energy means you can’t enslave the people to the trickles out of almighty govt!

    PS, not a freaking one of these nit wit millennials pontificating now in favor of nuke power because of the fiction of climate change has spent a single day actually working in the engine room of a nuclear submarine, or at a commercial nuke. But they got MS and PhD degrees out the ying yang! Not worth the piece of paper they are printed on.

    Another PS, under Trump DOE funds are being released to support nuclear companies developing new advanced reactors. Trump is simply pro-energy: pro-oil, pro-gas, pro-coal, pro-nuclear. What Trump does is lower overall energy costs to lightened the financial burden on the working man. But does Trump get any recognition for that? Nope! The millennials all hate him because he’s mean and he doesn’t believe in science fiction like global warming nonsense. I would rather have a mean President who does good for the working man than an effeminate, flowery, limp-wristed nice guy like HUSSEIN.

  6. Obama was the worst POTUS is US History. His foul eight years were a daily, walking/talking validation of Andersen’s “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

    Brevity is the soul of wit.

    See above. Penguin Fan has it 100% right.

    Climate change/AGW is a left-wing hoax which imbeciles like Al Gore used to make billions and generic elites (both Dem and RINO) use to seize control over everyone else.

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