Peter Vlaming Go Fund Me

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A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Peter Vlaming.  Go here to view it.  He is the French teacher in West Point, Virginia canned because he would not call a she a he.  Go here to read about it.  I am always reluctant to request that readers of this blog contribute to anything.  However, my bride and I have contributed.  Mr. Vlaming and his wife have four young kids.  It is much easier to take a stand for conscience when a person is single, much harder when there is a family to support.  Vlaming is  a victim of anti-Christian persecution, as well as persecution of those who recognize reality, those who refuse to say a naked emperor is wearing a fine suit.  Those of us who share his sentiments might wish to show our support monetarily if we are fortunate enough to do so.  Spreading the news about this campaign would also be helpful.  At this time of the year giving to worthy causes has always been an Advent activity for my family, and this is such a cause.

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One Comment

  1. Good idea.
    I’m in.
    This is a Christmas miracle in the process.
    One that will have an impact on the children for a very long time.
    God bless the man that fears God and only God. All other fears are a distraction to Peace.

    “……of peace on Earth good will to men.”

    May we all hear the bells on Christmas day.

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