Get Woke and Go Broke

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Stories in the press today that the Boy Scouts of America organization is contemplating bankruptcy due to sex abuse lawsuits, the boy scouts decided this year to allow openly gay scout masters which will help a lot on the lawsuit front, and dwindling membership.  What, you mean that admitting gays and girls was not the path to Nirvana?  Of course, for the Leftists now controlling the BSA the destruction of the organization is a feature not a bug.  Recall this core strategy of the Left as transcribed by Iowahawk:


1. Identify a respected institution.

2. Kill it.

3. Gut it.

4. Wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.


The same process is currently underway with the Catholic Church.  The Left destroys everything it touches.

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  1. Nobody saw this coming!
    S A R C A S M.

    Ever since they had a merit badge for cross dressing and advanced homosexual practices it was only a matter of time before it became the man-boy love club.

    Shame on the Left.

  2. I have a suspicion that the BSA isn’t run by leftists, but by career Scouts who do not have many alternatives to their current employments. I’m wagering the serial caves were in response to being hornswoggled by their own legal counsel and subject to extortion by corporate and foundation donors. (Of course, the question arises as to why the culture of the professional-managerial class is such that they’d conceive of themselves as tribunes for sexual deviants and malicious feminists. The simplest way to find out is to hook Anthony Kennedy up to jumper cables and start carefully questioning him).

  3. Since the Scouts have betrayed their foundational mission so thoroughly, it would be a good thing if they were liquidated in bankruptcy court. Might persuade the next organization subject to the sort of harassment the Scouts have faced to just say ‘make my day, shysters’.

  4. “The simplest way to find out is to hook Anthony Kennedy up to jumper cables and start carefully questioning him”
    Ha! I suspect Art that not insignificant factors would be homosexual relatives and simple fear of having activist gays after them. Since pressuring the shrinks in the seventies to magically find that their treasured mental illness was not a mental illness, gay activists have become past-masters at hysterical bullying, a tactic that rarely receives the contemptuous mockery it so deeply warrants.

  5. Shame Indeed.

    Double standard/hypocrisy on steroids. Unions are not sued when members vandalize company property. Congress wasted $17 million of our tax money to settle sex abuse lawsuits. No one sued the Sanders campaign or DNC when James T. Hodgkinson shot-up a bunch of GOP Congressmen. Too bad Congress and the DNC can’t go broke. That would be beneficial to society.

    It was already a long list. Add this line-item to the list of causes of civilizational collapse.

    I was a scout as were my three sons. As an adult, I was cub den leader, pack and troop committee member, treasurer and, later, chairman. One incident sticks in my alleged mind. The professional/salaried scouters wanted to sell one of our camps. Luckily, we volunteer parents were able to vote it down.

  6. Art’s right on the money (literally!) about the combination of career scouters being dependent on corporate donors for their salaries. So while the scout executives themselves might not be leftists, those in control of the philanthropic-corporate pursestrings almost certainly are.

  7. I’m not sure their legal council isn’t right– BSA is a very good target for the activist sorts, same as the Catholic Church or stuff the Mormons do.

  8. The Boy Scouts succumbed to helicopter moms, homosexuals and corporate money.
    A lesson for the Church, we need men, not gay and forget about the money -that was Judas’ gig.

  9. Poor boys and young men today. They need to either be gay or girls in order to get the approval of the world. There’s no place for real boys or young men. Disgusting, annoying, perverted old world.

  10. The (human, mainstream part of) the Church blazed the path for “Scouts BSA” to follow in the 60s.

    As Our Lady said: “Russia will spread her errors”.

    EVERY SINGLE institution in the West, formerly Christendom, is corrupted, every last one. Oh, and, being an Eagle Scout means a lot less to me these days than it once did.

  11. As you can see from my Avatar, Boy Scouts were very important in my life for many years. I have two sons who are Eagle Scouts. My youngest earned his three weeks ago. However, Boy Scouts abandoned nearly ALL of the attributes that they publicly proclaimed and also defended in court. I had no choice last year to formally resign from the organization that used to be BSA. At one time I thought I would be buried in my uniform. In Cub Scouts I was an Assistant Den Leader for 5 years then a Den Leader for 5 years, Cubmaster for 7 years and Pack Committee Chair for 4 years. At the Troop level I was on the Troop Committee for 4 years then Committee Chair for 5 years, then Scoutmaster for 3 years. My last year I was the District Scoutmaster of the Year. Within 2 months of that honor I was out on the street. I refused to just cave on advancement and award requirements so I butted heads with the new Charter Org. Rep. He when to the parish priest who he socialized with and I was out. I moved on to the District level and became a Unit Commissioner. I was assigned several units that Council and District officials damaged by undercutting and betrayals of individuals who stood by the BSA’s ideals. I saw first hand that those ideals were only a selling point and nearly none of the Professionals and very few of the Volunteer actually believed in the 12 Points and other ideals of the BSA.

  12. I saw first hand that those ideals were only a selling point and nearly none of the Professionals and very few of the Volunteer actually believed in the 12 Points and other ideals of the BSA.

    That is so sad JFK. Organizational rot usually begins, and flourishes, at the top.

  13. We got lots of “woke” people among the millennial staff and in upper management within my company. The change in my industry has been profound. A more dead-brain collection of modernist imbecility you cannot find. Defiant of Regulations and Standards, prideful that the unproven design no matter what will work because their IQs are so great and their degrees from Academia so prestigious, and dismissive of both industry experience and traditional moral values. This is the kind of rot that’s in BSA and is now everywhere.

    All good comments above. Sadly I can’t add anything profound, never having been a Boy Scout. I was born and raise in a Pentecostal denomination (Assemblies of God) where we had a totally separate young boy’s group that imitated BSA but with an openly Christian theme: Royal Rangers. I do not recall any of these kinds of problems in Royal Rangers. My older brother (who remains in the Assemblies of God to this day – I was the only Catholic convert in my family) was a troop leader for Royal Rangers at his local church. He really enjoyed his duties, and in being able to share the Gospel with young boys while having fun camping and scouting and whatever. Yes, my older brother is truly a Godly man. That’s how things are supposed to be.

  14. BSA became a victim of the culture war. There was no winning strategy. BSA remained relatively conservative for years, but lost a lot of corporate donations, then changed positions to please donors and lost parents.

    20 years ago, BSA (and GSUSA) were one of the few institutions that nearly all Americans could agree were good. Then the Culture War happened. I know people who boycotted BSA because they were too gay friendly and I know people who boycotted BSA because they were too homophobic. No matter what choice BSA made, they were going to lose a large amount of money and a large amount of membership.

  15. As for “Scouts BSA”, GSUSA took the “liberal” side in many culture war fights. The results was that GSUSA has plenty of money, but few members. One of the big reasons to include girls is because the girls themselves were not satisfied with the programs GSUSA had to offer.

  16. “No matter what choice BSA made, they were going to lose a large amount of money and a large amount of membership.”

    By going gay the BSA appears to have lost money and membership. Rule one in the Culture War is that the Left has no intrinsic interest in most institutions. Once they win their battle, the institution can die for all they care.

  17. One of the big reasons to include girls is because the girls themselves were not satisfied with the programs GSUSA had to offer.

    IOW, the organization in your mind was obligated to twist itself into knots to please people who were not its foundational constituents.

    See Anthony Esolen on the assumptions of the diseased culture of our time: boys can only form all male organizations when the girls let them.

  18. BSA became a victim of the culture war.

    No, they’re a victim of vicious people who attacked them. The ‘war’ is on when you fight back. As we speak, they’re now a victim of their witless leadership. Sroom.

  19. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20.


  20. “As Our Lady said: ‘Russia will spread her errors.'”
    1. Russia has no special claim on this particular error. Russia’s home-grown errors consisted largely of drinking too much and beating their wives, both of which remain problems today. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, the errors most prominently on display from Russia were atheism and totalitarianism; the atheism was definitely an import, and although the caesaropapism of the Tsars was an indigenous error, the absolutism of the Communist Party was an import. Homosexuality, though, was never particularly common, and is at least as arguably a British error.
    2. These days Russia is a net importer of error, just as much as the USA is a net importer of shoes.
    3. Do you REALLY need a supernatural apparition to tell you which country is spreading the most errors TODAY? If you do, it can only be because you are ignoring the dominance of a country very near in the TV, movie, music, and computer industries. This does not so much require you to be as wise as a serpent; you only have to have the sense God gave geese. However, if you are busily denying this evidence, you would not believe the apparition anyhow.
    4. So what, if anything, was the point of bringing up that particular apparition? To relive the Miracle on Ice? “USA! USA! USA!”??? Uncle Sam is not really in a position to be helping with the mote in anyone else’s eye in Anno Domini 2018.

  21. Howard, no one among us is paid to listen to you free associate and all the shrinks who thought that a useful thing to do had retired by 1993.

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