Trigger Warning

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(I post this each year on Good Friday.  A holy and happy Easter to all contributors, commenters and readers of TAC.) I

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  Remember folks, the people who write the New York Times, and many of those who read it, consider themselves the intellectual


  1. Good satire. However, for me it triggered unpleasant memories of liberal college professors in the ’70s.
    Let me guess..”Trigger Warning” is a required course at Berkeley and other institutions of so called higher learning.

  2. Institutions exist where inbreeding is a prerequisite for instructor positions. These very same institutions produce the most pathetic snowflakes. Berkeley is only one type of institution. Cue to the punks…bite pillow now!

  3. The 60s had free love communes where the people laid on the floor in a circle. Unfortunately, there were many suicides and nervous breakdowns from all the sharing, Looks like we are going back there.

  4. Going there Mary…. going to hell seems like a cheap ticket;

    Aborting her unborn baby cost her £50 ($63), according to the report.

    This Mother has no shame.

    Mary De Voe.
    People are devoid of conscience.
    Hell has a great timeshare program. They pay upfront, $63.00 let’s say, and they enjoy an eternity of timeshare with other like minded folks. Jumping from one pit to another.

    One question.
    Couldn’t the mother of six given the child in her womb a chance through adoption?

    Hell No…in her case Hell…Yes.

    How very sad. Bringing another sovereign person into existence is the greatest thing a person can do. Scandalizing herself and her baby through abortion is the worst thing a person can do. The irony is so “she soon could return to her job as a birth coach.” Mind boggling.

  6. A “death” coach you mean..

    I always wonder if our coach would of been born if her very own mother wanted the convince she so demands at the cost of a human life..$63 America dollars. My God what has the world come to.

    Hell has taken a foot hold.

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