PopeWatch: China

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The Vatican continues on its destructive path in China:



Msgr. Vincent Guo Xijin, an underground bishop of Mindong, recognized by the Vatican, but not by the government and to date ordinary bishop of the diocese, will leave his ordinary post and give it to Msgr. Vincenzo Zhan Silu, recognized by the government, and one of the seven formerly excommunicated bishops whom Pope Francis has re-admitted to communion.

The news was given yesterday by some diocesan priests. According to one of them, yesterday in the afternoon, Msgr. Guo gathered his priests to communicate the new situation in which he now becomes auxiliary bishop. The prelate had just returned from a trip to Beijing where he met with Msgr. Zhan and with Msgr. Claudio Maria Celli, head of a Vatican delegation (see photo).

Msgr. Celli presented a letter signed by card. Pietro Parolin, secretary of state, and by card. Fernando Filoni, prefect of Propaganda Fide to Msgr. Guo in which they asked the underground bishop to cede his role as ordinary to Msgr. Zhan. Also according to the report of the priests of Mindong, Msgr. Celli would have told Msgr. Guo that Pope Francis himself asks for this gesture of obedience “and of sacrifice for the general situation of the Chinese Church”.

Many priests and lay faithful are saddened by this news. In the past, when an official bishop reconciled with the Holy See, and in the same diocese there was an underground bishop, he remained as ordinary and the other, just reconciled, became the auxiliary. In this case the opposite occurred.

Go here to read the rest.  In this pontificate the unthinkable six years ago happens on a regular basis.

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