PopeWatch: Ring Binders

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More evidence that the Pope believes that Catholic Catechisms need to come with ring binders:



He said Church teaching now reflects “the doctrine of the latest Pontiffs as well as the change in the conscience of Christians who reject a penalty that seriously harms human dignity”. Pope Francis reiterated that the doctrine accepting the death penalty came from a “period that was more legalistic than Christian” which “ignored the primacy of mercy over justice”.


Go here to read the rest.  Giovanni Battista Bugatti, the executioner for the Papal States, between 1796-1861 carried out some 516 executions.  Popes were ordering executions in the Papal States, until the Papal States were dissolved by the new nation of Italy in 1870.  Vatican City had the death penalty on the books until 1969.  I find it difficult to believe that the current Pope’s predecessors up to 1969 were less Christian than him, or understood Catholicism less well than he does.  It is much more likely that Catholicism has instead been influenced by a turning away from the death penalty in Europe.  Of course what the Pope is peddling here is not Catholicism, but rather presentism, an uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts.  The Pope is entitled to whatever personal beliefs he wishes, but when a Pope attempts to change the teaching of the Church to conform to those personal beliefs, disaster beckons.  It is one thing to accept a teaching of the Church because that is what God commands, it is another thing to accept a change in that teaching because that is what the Pope commands.

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  1. Three ring binder?
    Well. One take is that most, if not all of PF’s changes are written on nothing more than an Etch -a -Sketch.

    Time will tell.

  2. Jesus Christ is mercy. God, the Father is Justice. Christ’s will is always in submission to and in complete concert with the will of His Father.
    I can forgive my murderer. I cannot forgive your murderer without becoming an accessory after the fact.
    The dignity of the murderer of homicide in the first degree, killing in stealth or premeditated homicide is pronounced by the use of his power of attorney to bring himself to Justice. The condemned murderer executes himself through his citizenship in the state.
    The condemned murderer has denied his victim the time to make his peace with God. The soul of the victim, the sovereign person so denied has dignity and who must be acknowledged by all people before God.

  3. As far as the death penalty is concerned, anyone who has been at least semi awake could have seen this coming. When Pope Francis revised the catechism earlier this year, that sound of champagne corks popping you heard came from the episcopal residences of Philadelphia, Los Angeles, as well as Chicago and other places.

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