Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

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The blatant double standard in the treatment of Trump and Clinton is why I have a difficult time taking seriously the Mueller investigation of Trump.  The Washington bureaucracy signed on to the Resistance and Comey was a member in good standing.  I pray that one day Comey will be wearing an orange jump suit, since there are few things I abhor more than a dirty cop and that is what Comey is.

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  1. The “blatant double standard” is clinically-related to billionaire elites’, the academy’s, and the Administrative/Deep State’s utter failures to see or even care that their pet policies produce economic hardships (outlandish costs for energy and health care come to mind) among ordinary citizens. Each day more normal people awaken to the fact that the oligarchs (including career congress critters, unelected bureaucrats and judges) do not have their interests in mind. So, the elites are intent on disarming the people because an armed citizenry may stand in the way of devolving America to a Venezuela-like socialist dystopia.

    See November 2016.

  2. Obama wanted to protect Hillary because she sent classified information on her private server to the White House and to the DOJ. Obama’s White House and the DOJ responded to Hillary which is a violation of Federal Law for a government employee to respond to a private server using the government computers. Hillary’s investigation of her e-mails make no sense until you understand Obama was protecting himself and Loretta Lynch. Loretta Lynch recused herself in January of 2016 when it was discovered she had responded to Hillary on government computer, which is a Federal crime and Lynch could no longer be impartial. Likewise Comey admitted in his book he used a personal computer to conduct government business, making him not an impartial investigator. China hacked the identities of 36 million government and military employees in 2013 which gets very little press, but this hacking was due to the carelessness operating within the Obama administration.

  3. “I pray that one day Comey will be wearing an orange jump suit,…” DM

    Please add a prayer that Hillary is fitted for said jump suit as well.

    This abuse of power is just gut wretching. Jail time for the criminals at large is merciful.
    God’s justice might be much more severe. Repentance and restitution is their only hope.
    Otherwise may they rot in hell.

  4. God’s justice might be much more severe

    Man’s justice too. Street justice is a rope necktie instead of an orange jumpsuit. And there won’t be enough street lamps, traffic lights or power poles to go around if enough people realize that two sets of law is no law at all.

  5. Send the above post to every major newspaper in the land and see if they have enough guts to print the truth.
    Better use an alias though with the Clinton-Obama crowd. They are prone to violence.

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