Time for a Mindwipe

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  1. 🙂

    The bar has been lowered to such a degree that we needed to vote in a Donald Trump to stop a villain. Will the Republicans ever become Republicans again..or are we in for a RINO new normal?

  2. Cold outside? Try the never ending rain.

    I hate rain. I loathe it. I despise it. My roof leaks. My basement leaks. My sanity is being swept away. Maybe the rain can wash away DC.

  3. The establishment GOP and Dem parties are the same. A writer (Ali Alexander) at posted Instapundit called our so-called government a “plutocracy.” I don’t know if that is a synonym for “oligarchy.” Both foul nouns pretty much say it all.

    Every time I hear/see (having arduously restrained myself from emptying a high-magazine capacity – 500 to 8,000 bullets – from my AR 47 into my TV) Flake, Pelosi, Ryan, Schumer, Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama, Guttierrez, Sharpton, et al., I Thank my God for Donald J. Trump.

  4. T. Shaw

    I get it.
    My 300. Win Mag by Browning has hurled many an angst round, via your above Litany of Thieves, into a target at deer camp.
    RINO hunting is not a Michigan pastime but one must except during elections..where my angst is correctly vented.

  5. should of read…RINO hunting is not a Michigan pastime except during elections..where my angst is correctly vented.

    (Geesh…… sorry about that.)

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