December 24, 1968: In the Beginning

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  1. Extraordinary!

    Great clip.
    I thank God for my parents.
    Our family’s Catholic heritage.
    This small slice of history isn’t hate speech. The remarkable passage is just that, a passage.
    A reading. A reading helps to orient one on his/her position.
    The passage as verb.
    Now that one is aware of their position they may pass through.
    They may enjoy the incredible vista allotted them by the passage.

    “In the beginning..”

    Of course some may not choose to pass through. They may decide to remain fixed to a lower, a base viewpoint. How on Earth did we agree that this viewpoint is worthy for all. We didn’t.

    God’s Word is Truth.
    The Bible and it’s truth’s are not hate speech.

    For those who wish for horizons that are unencumbered by political correctness may the Bible and all God fearing men/women celebrate whole heartily at the Love the Father has given us.

    A very Holy Christ’s Mass!

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