Requiescat In Pace: Sister Wendy Beckett

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The most unlikely of TV stars, Sister Wendy Beckett passed away on December 26 at age 88. She came to fame for starring in BBC documentaries on art in the nineties.  A brilliant woman, JRR Tolkien attempted to talk her into staying at Oxford after she received a congratulatory first class honors degree in English literature at Saint Anne’s College, an offer she politely declined.  She was always first and foremost a religious.  Her art commentaries are typified by brilliance, insight and gentle wit.  The world is poorer for her absence.  May she now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.

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  1. Thank you so much for this notice and gift. I’m praying for her today.

    See is delightful. She said “Art starts from the top.” So true.
    Inspirational and true gift from the Divine artist. The cave art from the first quarter of the clip is so rich and filled with life.

    May she walk hand in hand with our artist par excellence, Jesus.

    Thank you for this invitation to meet Sr. Beckett. Better late than never. God be with her.

  2. Her spiritual and intellectual brilliant were clearly present to all who became acquainted with Sister Wendy Beckett, her presence on television or her writing. She clearly had divine inspiration and vision. Now she will have vision of the divine.

  3. God did not “create” evolution. Read Genesis, the first book of the inspired, inerrant word of God. Evolution is the first and most important tool of modernism and communism.

  4. Evolution, meaning how things changed over time, is God’s.
    Evolution, meaning the redefinition meaning “Stuff just happened and God can’t touch” is crazy.

    God can do stuff in any way He wants.

  5. Evolution, Creationism, the Big Bang Theory, the Prime Mover could be discussion for a whole other post.
    Sr. Wendy Beckett was a unique woman religious who introduced many to fine art and fostered an appreciation of it thanks to a God given talent in interpreting paintings and sculptures throughout the ages. Her insights were refreshing and sometimes surprising, especially from someone who often lived a hermit’s life. Wish she were still with us and active.

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