Servants Are So Expensive These Days

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Few debates in this country are more all about economic class than the debate over illegal immigration.  Exhibit A today is a column by Catherine Rampell, second generation Ivy Leaguer, which appeared in the Washington Post:


Finding workers willing to do low-wage housework is challenging in Japan, given widespread labor shortages and restrictive immigration policies. But again, bit by bit, the government has been trying to change that. In fact, this month the Japanese parliament passed controversial legislation allowing more immigration, in part to address precisely this issue.

In a sense, then, Japan has learned the opposite lesson of the United States: If you want more babies, find ways to make it easier for working people to have kids — through both more family-friendly workplace policies and a more liberal immigration system. (Immigrants, by the way, tend to have more babies than do native-born Americans.)

And preferably, do all this before the demographic time bomb explodes.

Go here to view the comments at Hot Air.  The original Washington Post article is behind a paywall.  Ms. Rampell’s kids of course will never have to go to schools that are flooded with newly arrived illegal aliens who can’t speak English.  She will never be living in neighborhoods dealing with the gangs that follow illegal aliens like fleas on a dog.  Neither her, nor her husband, nor her progeny, will ever have to compete for jobs with illegal aliens.  However, she will be able to pay illegal alien “Maria” so much less to clean her toilets and fix her meals, than she would have to pay native born “Mary” to do the same.  This doesn’t even rise to limousine liberalism.  It is akin to the “woke” social consciousness of Lords who rammed through Parliament laws fixing low wages following the Peasant’s Revolt of 1381.

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  1. She expects to never have to deal with it.

    Things like her insurance rates being huge to deal with hit and runs, and crime issues, don’t really connect.

  2. Finding workers willing to do low-wage housework is challenging in Japan,

    Hiring people to do ‘housework’ was 50 years ago commonly an instance of cultural lag: people with ample quanta of disposable income not quite understanding that the household appliances which had appeared during the first 70 years of the 20th century had radically reduced the utility of domestic service. Eventually, resident help was replaced by nonresident wage labor was replaced by contractors who had multiple clients. If you cannot afford a cleaning contractor or a lawn service, you’ve got too much house.

    With regard to child care, there are all manner of adjustments which can be made (personal and social) short of hiring foreigners to look after your kids. These include re-jiggering the tax code (to allow mothers to cut their working hours), extending the length of the school day and school year, living near helpful relatives, hiring the (trusted) children of friends, organized fee-for-service activities &c.

    Where wage labor for domestic tasks is truly an acute problem is in the realm of long-term care and situations just short of long-term care. Again, for that you need a better financing scheme, not labor imports.

  3. A couple hundred ordinary Americans murdered by illegals is acceptable, collateral damage; or an overhead expense as far as concern the left and beltway elites. Only thing, they can’t blame the NRA and me when guns are not employed.

    Trump is POTUS because he was able to plow through the so-called Republicans’ nomination process. That was an accomplishment because he was/is an existential threat to the beltway gold rush, er, economic model.

    Trump only needs to enlighten more normal/ordinary Americans that the elites’ (guys like Flake, McCain RIP, Ryan, Romney, Schumer, the Clintons, the Bushes, Pelosi, et al) interests, policies, programs (gun control, open borders, wage compression, green graft, high energy costs, etc.) are harmful/hurtful tom ordinary people.

    They don’t only hate Trump. They hate me. I love it.

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