Trump Can Hope

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  1. Looking at the fell field of demo-dopes, it appears that if (big if) in two years Corrupt, Incompetent Hillary unassisted can rise out of a limo and walk up a flight of stairs, she is their only real option.

    Beware! Next time, they will cheat harder. And, Fed Chair Powell could crush the economy. The Fed has 105+ years experience at it.

  2. The prospective Democrat field for 2020 is an embarrassment of riches.

    And by riches, I mean Schmuck</i), which, in case anyone didn't know already, mean "Jewelry" in German, and something else altogether in Yiddish.

  3. I’m with the left on this. If the 2020 election goes the wrong way, I will revoke my consent to be governed. But, it won’t involve running about weeping while wearing a colorful hat.

  4. Sanders polled better against Trump and Cruz in 2016 than did Hellary.

    Sanders will be 79 years old in 2020, so unsuitable for that reason alone. OTOH, he’s an experienced executive. Unlike Hellary, he didn’t generate any scandals and unlike Martin O’Malley, his time in office didn’t consist of piling failure on failure. As Democratic pols go, he’s straightforward and is not much inclined to trade in coalition-of-the-fringes identity politics. The Democrats can do a great deal worse than Sanders, and likely will.

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