Celebrate  Democrat  Abortions ! Shout  For Feminist Terminations  !

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Democrats and  prodeath feminists have now cast aside the camouflage they have hidden behind for decades  and have admitted that their plea, “safe, rare, and legal,” was all a sham. Now they are openly celebrating, maenad-like  honoring  Moloch and Lilith with  we’ve-joyously-killed-our-babies  festivities. They  also  are encouraging everyone who has ever killed a child in the womb to dance and shriek with them.

Imagine if prolifers could go beyond  prayer, dialogue, and peaceful action  and join in the death galas,  not to rejoice in all child deaths, but only to honor these democrat and feminist  abortions.

Demographic Winter Of Democrats & Feminists

What they pursue is like  the anti-Christian kill-our-children demographic winter that has now doomed all of Europe to go the way of the dodo bird . Their demands for “choice” have insured that those of a patricarchal culture in which  women are little more than property are legitimately taking over every European country simply by legally having children. i.e. by not killing their unborn babies.

The democrats and the feminists are not replacing themselves. Shouting “My body, my self,” they are systematically killing the tiny little living humans that would have grown up to be the new vanguard trumpeting the goodness of the bloody slaughter of future abortions.

Their celebrations should be our celebrations . Their parties mean we win, future babies win, family wins, and God wins.

Prodeath Feminsists

It is not incorrect to say “Prodeath” feminists. There are all sorts of feminists, pro porn and anti porn, pro ‘trans’ and anti ‘trans’, and prodeath and prolife feminists.  It should be clear: we are honoring only  the prodeath feminists.

Let’s Kill Our Future Voters

With the majority of their business locations in or near minority neighborhoods, the Democrats’ killing arm, Planned Parenthood, kills about a million babies  every three years. Other less profitable entities also  kill tens of thousands every year. The  majority of the murdered babies are minority babies. It is a science-of-sociology probability that many of  these dead babies, had they been allowed to escape from the killing chamber of their mothers’ wombs, would have grown up to vote Democrat; and many, if not the majority, of the little girls would have grown up to be prodeath feminists.

Since eradication of these democrats and feminists will help eradicate abortion, perhaps  we must seriously reconsider not only  that the killings be paid for by our tax dollars, but  also that ongoing, and even increased, funding be enshrined in law for the Planned Parenthood killing business and the  smaller local No-More-Mom-No-More-Pop operations, especially those that are minority-owned.

You Hypocritical Prolifers, Shut The Duck Up!

Yes, of course, in true Alinskyite fashion,  they will chant back at us what they say is our own womb-to-tomb birth-to-earth principle. This is what totalitarians, democrats, prodeath feminists, liberals, and progressives (but I repeat myself) do. Alinsky’s Rule For Radicals No.  4, has been one of their most potent weapons for taking power and  destroying our Judaeo-Christian culture:

4.Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

We now make them live up to their own rules. They cannot prevent us from celebrating the deaths of their children and rejoicing, in advance, at their self-extinction.

Shout Their Abortions!

Imagine  new  coffee table books,  Shout Democrat Abortions!  with beautiful and stunning illustrations of dead future democrats, and its companion volume, Shout Feminist Terminations!  These books will just scream,  The Perfect Gift!, for birthdays , Easter baskets, Halloween treats, and Christmas. 

Of course, we cannot and will not do any of these things. 

But it is the height of irony that using their own logic, principles, justifications, agenda, politics, ideology, arguments and immorality, we can justify all of this, including celebrating the deaths of their children.

This irony merely highlights the difference in the two positions:

  1. prodeath-human babies are things, these “others” are things to be used by me for me, my body, my self .
  1. prolife – other human beings are not things; they have intrinsic, inalienable value which my wants, wishes and desires do not trump; and one does good when one respects this value in all other human beings.

Truth, Truth, Truth

What we do celebrate is truth. The prodeath feminists and the democrats now give every indication that they realize the truth, many truths about abortion and its effects.  Because of the obvious truths about abortion, and their ever-increasing publicity, they are in frenzied panic mode. Just look at what lies they told and the evil depths to which they stooped in the recent court appointment hearings.

Truth is assaulting them from many sides. The primary truth is that what grows inside a  mother’s warm womb is a human child. It is a baby!  A unique human being that has never existed before and can never exist again. Abort this special, fullofwonder, unique child now for freedom, job promotion, empowerment, advanced degrees, and financial security,  and in four or five years choose to get pregnant again – but you cannot have this child. This child will be dead. Irreplaceable.

Science and technology are spewing the truth from every sonogram of an unborn child; from every print out showing brain waves of babies in the womb and their feeling of pain; and from every heartbeat of the unborn heard by mamas and daddies, laughed about with siblings, and videos with sound sent to grandma and grandad.

These truths also include:

the reality of sex-based abortion,  killing tiny little girls only because they are girls;

the very real injurious effects of  PASS, post-abortion stress syndrome, for  thousands of women;

the now scientifically-undeniable ABC, abortion-breast-cancer, connection – the increased risk of breast cancer for women and girls who have killed their children before natural birth; and

the exposure of their programs of racial eugenic targeted abortions to kill  “human weed”  and “human undergrowth” minority babies, e.g.  intentional black genocide and brown genocide.

We can celebrate

We cannot celebrate death. We can celebrate the truth. We can celebrate life. And we can celebrate that, someday, in God’s good time with our efforts, there will be no more prodeath abortions.

With God, all things are possible. (Mt 19:26)







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  1. Agreed Guy.

    Could you imagine if public opinion ever reached a point where pedophiles united and shouted their acts as just and praised themselves?
    domestic violence towards women was celebrated? Shout out your beating another person.
    Or rape?
    Shout out your pride that you rape women?

    Of course this is insane, yet isn’t shouting out your pride that you participated in severing the head of your baby in your womb just as insane and unimaginable?

    The death of the party of death cannot come fast enough.

  2. They are enemies of God and America. And, they don’t need no stinkin’ demographic.

    They are 100% for open borders and the welfare state (mutually exclusive per Dr. Milton Friedman, you can’t have both and survive); bringing in millions of criminal (that’s right they break the law to break in – they don’t need no stinkin’ law.) illegals that will vote democrat for free everything. It will sort’a work until they run out of taxpayers . . .

  3. From Saint Pope
    John Paul II at Denver, on the occasion of the Eighth World Youth Day, “with time the threats against life have not grown weaker. They are taking on vast proportions. They are not only threats coming from the outside, from the forces of nature or the ‘Cains who kill the Abels’; no, they are scientifically and systematically programmed threats. The twentieth century will have been an era of massive attacks on life, an endless series of wars and a continual taking of innocent human life. False prophets and false teachers have had the greatest success”.

    False teachers and false prophets. A never ending saga.
    The feminists boasting of their bloody actions and despicable behavior. Enemies of God indeed.

  4. Social Security needs to be partially based on the number of children a family has. Perhaps a scaled bonus for those folks having 4 or more children which would max out at a 100% bonus for having 10 or more children.

    Knowing that money trumps morality this approach might work.

  5. Michael Dowd wrote, “Social Security needs to be partially based on the number of children a family has.”

    Augustus tried it with the Lex Julia de Maritandis Ordinibus and the Lex Papia Poppaea, with rather limited success.

    The laws were repealed under Theodosius under pressure from the Church, which saw them as a disincentive to virginity (They also meant monks could not receive legacies and the clergy of those days were great legacy-hunters (captatores)

  6. Social Security needs to be eliminated as it is part of the problem.
    We are a long way from a Democrat/Feminist winter, however, as the public school system and college/university system can and does more from the children of of pro-lifers. And then of course immigrants from socialist economic systems (or at least more so than our own) that are very unfamiliar with how free markets work.

  7. The Democratic Party has become extreme in many ways. It is possessed by various crazy ideas and ideologues. They feign to ignore religion but push their version of a state religion. It is a Neo-Druidism which worships trees and practices human sacrifice.

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