PopeWatch: Zanchetta

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Hattip to Bob Kurland.  George Neumayr at The American Spectator provides another example of how the Pope adopts a see no evil an hear no evil policy when it comes to his cronies:


The accused bishop is Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta, a crony of Pope Francis’s from his days as archbishop of Buenos Aires. According to the story, Zanchetta, who has been accused of preying upon priests and seminarians, has long benefited from his friendship with the pope, first in Argentina, where Bergoglio orchestrated his elevation to a top-ranking position within the Argentinean Bishops Conference and then “made his fellow countryman a bishop right after becoming pope in 2013.” Zanchetta didn’t last long in that post, resigning in 2017 under a mysterious cloud of priestly complaints and claims of poor “health.” He scurried out of Argentina without even saying a “farewell mass,” according to the story, only to turn up shortly thereafter on “Pope Francis’ doorstep in Rome,” where Zanchetta was quickly thrown a new papal plum:

By December, Francis had created a position for Zanchetta in the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, known as APSA, according to the Vatican’s own press statements from the time. The office oversees more than 5,000 lavish properties under the Vatican’s Secretariat of the Economy, run by George Pell, now on a leave of absence to fight historical sex-abuse charges in his home country of Australia.

Meanwhile, back in the Argentinean diocese Zanchetta had ditched, outraged priests and parishioners stewed over his scandals:

There was speculation by El Tribuno newspaper in Salta, Argentina, that he had a drug problem after he allegedly refused to allow police to search his vehicle during a routine traffic stop, citing his role as a high-ranking bishop as the reason he did not have to succumb to the search.

Then rumors started to swirl that Zanchetta had paid off three whistle-blowing priests who had apparently reported him to the local papal nuncio, or Vatican representative, in Argentina.

If true, it would have meant that the nuncio would have alerted members of the Roman Curia in Rome. Then one of two things would have happened. As an Argentinean that Francis made a bishop, the pope was either informed of the trouble on his home turf, or protected from it.

The charges laid out in the Argentinean press include mismanagement of diocese funds to buy the silence of several young seminarians between the ages of 20 and 25 that Zanchetta had allegedly sexually harassed and tried to convince to enter into a sexual relationship. El Tribunocites “masturbation, groping and psychological pressure” brought on by the powerful bishop against the priests in training. One report outlines lavish gifts used to buy the silence of the young seminarians.

It was only after authorities in Argentina opened up a probe into Zanchetta’s misconduct and media coverage mounted that the pope finally cut him loose this week. The Vatican is once again playing dumb, claiming it knew nothing of the allegations against Zanchetta at the time of his new appointment. But who believes that? This is a pontificate that turned a predator known to Francis, Theodore McCarrick, into a papal envoy and dispatched him to the ends of the earth.

Go here to read the rest.  Three interesting points:  First, the Pope knew Zanchetta well from his Argentinian days.  Second, the Pope rescued him when he came a cropper as a bishop in Argentina.  Third, the Pope was doing this as the sex abuse crisis was exploding in his face.  What conclusions can be drawn?

This Pope values personal loyalty to him above everything else.

The sex abuse crisis takes second or third fiddle to this Pope taking care of his cronies.

That he thinks he is invulnerable and nothing he does can jeopardize his position as Pope.

Once again, heckuva job Conclave of 2013, heckuva job.

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  1. Cancelled the USCCB meeting, then scolds the American Bishops: http://www.usccb.org/about/leadership/holy-see/francis/upload/francis-lettera-washington-traduzione-inglese-20190103.pdf
    “Without this clear and decisive focus, everything we do risks being tainted by self-referentiality, self-preservation and defensiveness, and thus doomed from the start.”….

    I’m convinced that God is allowing this pederasty, sodomy, confusion and lack of leadership, to insure that Humanae Vitae remains untouched; Because HV’s Truth will one day be Proclaimed and set us free.

  2. “The sex abuse crisis takes second or third fiddle to this Pope taking care of his cronies.” DM

    A network of thievery is more like it.
    The Lavender Mafia steals the innocence of young men, 16 year old as an example, and then spins the “consensual” meme.


    So when forces are at work to lower the legal age of consent we don’t have to go far to see who benefits from such satanic proposals.

    A nickel observation.
    The Lord is allowing this filth to surface so when the time is perfect a cleansing of biblical proportion will be activated. It will pass. This thievery will be a footnote in times ahead. An example for future generations to remember that God will not be mocked forever and mill stones will outnumber the thieves.

    His Holy Catholic Church will prevail.

  3. Paul Nachazel wrote, “The Lavender Mafia steals the innocence of young men, 16 year old as an example, and then spins the “consensual” meme.”
    One recalls Lord Drummond-Young’s remarks about “the ascendancy that can be gained over the mind of a neophyte by those claiming to be in communication with non-natural powers, able to help or harm and open to propitiation by ritual practices.” He held such a person was not in liege poustie (full possession of his faculties)

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