Trump on the Wall

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Not one of Trump’s better efforts.  It had the dreary feel of a compromise speech put together by a gaggle of advisors.  Trump’s instincts I am certain would have been to declare a national emergency, order the Army Corps of Engineers to build the Wall, impound the funds necessary to do so from the military budget, and dare the Democrats to stop him.  This would end up as a battle royal in court, and unlike other commenters who have opined on this, I think the outcome in the Supreme Court would be uncertain.  It may still come to that.  As usual I think Trump’s political instincts were correct with his initial thought to declare a national emergency.  Trump simply is not a conventional politician and what works for him would be death for a conventional politician.  There are good policy grounds to oppose taking such action, but if Trump backs down now, the Democrats in the House will obstruct every move he makes.


On substance of course Trump is absolutely correct.  The Democrats lie when they say they oppose the Wall because it would be ineffective.  They fear it would be all too effective in cutting off the hordes of illegal aliens from the south who have transformed several states into one party Democrat fiefdoms.  The smarter Democrats are also beginning to notice something:  the longer Hispanics are in this country, intermarry and advance materially, the less likely they are to vote Democrat.  Hence the need to add additional waves regularly of poverty stricken illegal aliens to become dependent on welfare and give the Democrats additional voting strength, as the Democrats demonize poor whites who are displaced and dare to complain.  This is a despicable political strategy and the President missed a golden opportunity last night to call the Democrats on it.

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  1. This entire kerfuffle is simply the latest piece of evidence that America suffers under the worst political class in History. More problematic is that the worst is yet to come.

    OT a book recommendation. Valley Forge By Bob Drury & Tom Clavin. Excellent, informative. Read Chapter 34, then read it again. Every American, first-born male should be Christened “George Washington.”

  2. I can’t help myself. I just have to see how the other side is reacting…

    Media are betraying the public trust by covering Trump’s lying propaganda speech tonight
    There is no crisis at the border and no need for wasting $5 billion on a wall to inflict sadistic punishment on refugees. There is no need for Trump’s sadistic and selfish shutdown of the government. None of this is necessary and everything Trump is saying to rationalize his stupid vanity project for the benefit of his base of bigots is a lie.

    No. Really:

    At a June 21, 2018, cabinet meeting, Donald Trump talked about “the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border.” But data coming from his own administration show there is no such crisis. This year, illegal cross-border migration is only about 11% higher than at the same point last year – and the administration said last year was the “lowest level” on record.

    Even FOX is calling BS on the torrent of lies from the Trump Administration:
    So, in panic at the thought that even FOX, his most loyal pack of liars, are calling him out, Trump is now going to the border to offer more lies in a speech tonight that is intended to do nothing other than fill the airwaves with the Big Lie that undergirds this whole stupid policy: his racist claim that refugees constitute some grave terrorist threat to the US and his idiotic lie that a wall will save us from that pretend threat.

    The reality, of course, is that 73% of the domestic terrorism in the US since 9/11 has come from Trump’s base of white supremacist and far right kooks. His response: disable law enforcement in pursuit of such terrorists.

    It’s his base of racists he must please. He promised them a Wall and they will hate him if he breaks that promise, because punishing the poor and the brown is the very core of the contract he made with his base of white racists. Cruelty to the poor and brown matters more to them than their own happiness and prosperity.

    And it keeps going on from there.

    This is going to be global warming all over again with the sides reversed isn’t it? *sigh* I’m starting to feel too old for this.

  3. I posted this on my FB page:

    Amici, Americani, Compatriotae,

    I did not watch nor listen to President’s Trump speech on the crisis at our southern border last night, nor of course that of his detractors, Senator Schumer and Representative Pelosi. I avoid listening to any political speeches any longer, a practice that started with President Obama (I just cannot stand to listen to any politician whether left or right of spectrum). However, I do read speeches; therefore, the text of the President’s speech is provided at the link below:

    The President’s detractors have (before this Administration) supported the construction of a wall (or barrier or fence or barricade whatever) at our southern border. That they now maintain a position opposite to what they held previously is hypocrisy. Walls work as demonstrated by:

    Israel’s current West Bank Barrier
    God’s command to Nehemiah in 445 BC to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls.

    Furthermore, walls are feasible. This is confirmed by the 5500 mile long Great Wall of China built long before the advent of modern engineering and technology.

    As for the morality of walls, Ezekiel 22:30-31 states:

    “…And I [the Lord] sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none. Therefore I have poured out my indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath; their way have I requited upon their heads, says the Lord God.”

    In the end it matters only what God says, NOT man; and God is crystal clear about this issue. Drug lords, terrorists, and sex slave traffickers must be stopped. Otherwise God can (and will) use them to purify us with the punishment that we so richly deserve for our decadence, indolence, idolatry and immorality. He did it to the ancient Israelites and inhabitants of Judah when He allowed King Sennacherib of Assyria and King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to deport them into captivity. Don’t think God is going to do something different now. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Therefore, let us repent and build the wall!

  4. LQC wrote, “This is confirmed by the 5500 mile long Great Wall of China built long before the advent of modern engineering and technology”

    But it utterly failed to stop the Manchu invading and deposing the Ming dynasty.

  5. “Fences (borders, walls, slats) make good neighbors..”, but make poor politics for the Democrats who care not for their country.

  6. I’m surprised that evidence for the effectiveness of a Wall, as used in the West Bank of Israel, has not been cited more frequently by proponents.

    Recognition that it would turn some of the twits against the wall– the BDS/Israel Has Cooties movement is surprisingly influential among the Dems.
    The El Paso wall would be a better example– crime dropped like a rock when they finished it, and our neighbor has been here 20-some years. This was a bad neighborhood back then. They built the wall, and it cleaned up because the criminals couldn’t just walk across.


    But it utterly failed to stop the Manchu invading and deposing the Ming dynasty.

    I wouldn’t call holding captured Mongolian territory for several hundred years much of a failure, myself– mid-15th to mid-17th century is hardly a failure, even if the Manchurian invasion wasn’t eternally stopped.

  7. If I ran a Mexican drug cartel, I’d be using a portion of my
    stacks of ill-gotten cash to buy American politicians. A wall
    would be bad for my drug-and-human-trafficking business.,
    and I’d lean on my freshly-purchased Democrat friends to
    block that wall’s construction. Anyone think that’s not part
    of what we’re seeing with the left’s defiance of common sense
    and the clearly expressed wishes of the overwhelming majority
    of the American people?

  8. Well, Trump decided that the “Compromise means the Dems get what they want, right now, and maybe we’ll think about considering what you want at a later point” was a non-starter and left the meeting.

  9. Lesson Learned: President Trump is following a primary rule of interpersonal relations: Never negotiate with dishonest, evil people who refuse to act in good faith.

  10. Walking out on people who refuse to act in good faith makes Trump smarter than 90% of elected Republicans.

    May they all profit from his example.

  11. By Jove, Clinton, I think you’ve got it. The cartels obviously don’t have registered lobbyists, but there probably are circuitous money trails leading to certain Dem pols or even their national party.

  12. Trump should order the wall built now. This is a national emergency. The emergency is that the Democrats are destroying the country by inciting an alien invasion,

  13. Nothing to stop the cartels from funding activist groups. It would explain how, say, La Raza gets money, and other less obvious twits. Drug legalization/normalization pushes, too.

  14. from: magno et malo lupo with permission
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  15. Mary De Voe.

    What a force indeed. Force Recon.
    Thank God is right.

    Did your MIT bit originate from Force Recon?

  16. Absolutely with permission. Escaped from Nazi Germany with parents, worked in the French Resistance, emigrated to America, became a citizen, an engineer, a Marine, speaking several languages became a spy, teaches women how to handle a gun. A blessing from God. Prayers

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