PopeWatch: Walls

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took to national television Tuesday night in his battle over his proposed border wall to keep out drunk college students from the country during spring break.

Describing the situation at places like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta during the months of February and April as a “growing crisis,” Obrador urged Congress to give him close to $97 billion pesos to keep out “undesirables.”

“This is a crisis of debauchery—a crisis of the heart and of the liver,” Obrador said. “For the Mexican people, it is a mental crisis. Yes, we make money during these months, but at what cost?”

Obrador went on to say that every year, “hundreds of thousands of Katlyns, Brittanys, Tiffanys, Taylors, and Kaitlyns pour into this country from different sororities every year, endangering the mental security of the Mexican people.”

“That’s not even counting the wolves that accompany many of these women—the Brads, Chads, Dillons, Zachs, and, of course, Connors,” the President went on to say.

In a brief joint response from Southern California, Fraternity and Sorority leaders Chelsea and Dax accused Obrador of being lame.

Go here to comment.  PopeWatch called the Vatican and, to the amazement of PopeWatch, he was put right through to the Pope.

Pope:  “Ah Gringo, did you get the little “Feliz Navidad” present that I sent you?”

PopeWatch:  “No Holy Father.”

Pope: “The lazy zopilotes I have to work through!  I will handle this myself!  Why are you calling me?”

PopeWatch explained.

Pope:  “Keeping out drunken gringos and gringas should be a cardinal virtue!  I heartily approve! Keep your eyes open for a package from me!”

And with that, the Pope brought the call to an end.

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  1. “Keep your eyes open for a package from me!”

    Ah yes, PF. Whose apparently random outbursts and encyclicals are gifts that keep on giving to Lutherans and non-believers.

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