Brady Bunch Double Homicide?

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Hmm,  the double homicide theory does make some of the more bizarre features of that show a bit more comprehensible:


But after a while a question occurred to me: How did Mike and Carol hook up?

The show conveniently skips over that question. You never learn what happened to Mike’s first wife or Carol’s first husband. The kids never mention their original mother or father. The kids’ grandparents never visit after the wedding. Only once, in the series’ pilot, did anyone display a photo of one of the missing parents.

Clearly, something had happened to these two families that was so traumatic no one dared to bring it up. But what? Nuclear meltdown? Alien abduction? Evil clown attack?

One day, while watching another channel’s afternoon movie—the Alfred Hitchcock classic Strangers on a Train—suddenly I saw, with a startling clarity, the answer to my mystery: Mike murdered Carol’s husband and Carol killed Mike’s wife. It was a crisscross killing.

Go here to read the rest.  Based upon my 37 years at the bar, I think this theory somewhat more likely than the idea that a “blended family” like this one could become, overnight, one, big happy family.  It would also finally explain why Mrs. Brady was hiding out among the Amish:


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  1. The 2st Century: There’s more evidence for the Brady double murder scenario than for 75+ genders, anthropomorphic global warming/climate change, 2016 Russia Election Collusion, . . .

  2. Somewhere in the producer’s files there was probably a “backstory” sketched to be used as needed to keep plots and character development consistent. Guess they never needed it.

  3. According to the movie “A Very Brady Sequel” we know who Carol’s husband was: The Professor from Gilligan’s Island! Since Sherwood Schwarz was the creator of both shows I’m taking that as official canon.

  4. Based upon my 37 years at the bar, I think this theory somewhat more likely than the idea that a “blended family” like this one could become, overnight, one, big happy family.

    Strange things can happen. I was once acquainted with a family – mother, father, and six children, which was blended in the manner of the Brady’s. The oldest child was born posthumously to a young widow. She remarried in haste and her new husband adopted her daughter. They had two sons in succession, then she died. Not long after her death, he married a divorcee with two daughters. Their father had hit the road shortly after his second daughter was born. After the wife remarried, Signor Volare was through some avenue located and persuaded to sign off on the adoption of his daughters by the 2d husband. Their mother, in turn, adopted her three step-children. They rounded out the family with another daughter the following year. The family seemed to mesh well together. I think one of the sons may have had drug problems in his young adult years which aged him prematurely. That aside, a passably well-ordered household. The parents owned and operated businesses in the Genesee Valley and in the Sarasota area and at least 3 of their children went into business for themselves in their young adult years. The mother and father had 28 good years together until cancer took her at the age of 63. Their children are regrettably scattered now, living in at least four different cities.

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