PopeWatch: Wuerl Knew About McCarrick in 2004

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No surprise here:


In November 2004, Mr. Ciolek appeared before the Independent Review Board of the Diocese of Pittsburgh to report the details of the allegation of abuse he made against the Pittsburgh priest. When he appeared before the Independent Review Board Mr. Ciolek also spoke of his abuse by then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. This was the first time the Diocese of Pittsburgh learned of this allegation. In written correspondence to the Diocese of Pittsburgh immediately thereafter, Mr. Ciolek asked that the allegation regarding then-Cardinal McCarrick be shared only with ecclesiastical – that is – Church authorities. A few days later, then-Bishop Donald Wuerl made a report of the allegation to the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. Since this time, the Diocese of Pittsburgh continued to respect Mr. Ciolek’s wishes that this information only be shared with Church authorities. In November 2018 Mr. Ciolek authorized the Diocese of Pittsburgh to respond to press inquiries about this matter.

Go here to read the rest.  This supports what Archbishop Vigano said about Wuerl’s knowledge about McCarrick.  This is what Wuerl said about McCarrick two years later in 2006:

At yesterday’s (lovefest) press conference in Washington, Archbishop-elect Donald Wuerl told the gathered media that, while he was available to answer their queries, “if they’re hard questions, maybe you might want to direct them to the cardinal.”

“There was no mistake in my mind,” Wuerl said later, “that when we drove onto the [pastoral center] property, and I saw all of those media vehicles parked out there, I said to myself, ‘They’re not here for the new archbishop, they’re here because of Cardinal McCarrick,’ because of the service he’s done, because of what he’s done not just for the church, but for the wider community.”

Go here to read the rest. George Neumayr at The American Spectator sums Wuerl up well:


Wuerl continues to insist, in spite of his obvious lying about his level of knowledge concerning McCarrick for over a half a year, that he “acted appropriately,” which is the language not of a pastor but of a nabbed corporate CEO. Wuerl’s career ends as it began under Cardinal Wright — as a reptilian climber and cold operator for whom duping the faithful became second nature.

Go here to read the rest.  Small wonder that this creature was one of the biggest supporters of Pope Francis among our hapless bench of bishops.


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  1. Closed parishes, dwindling Mass attendance, fewer vocations and a date reputation based on one case…Fr. Anthony Cipolla. This is what the former Bishop Wuerl did to my diocese. I am glad he isn’t here anymore. I think most chuchgoing Catholics in this diocese would agree.

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