The Gillette Ad-

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Re-written to be something other than nasty.

This would’ve knocked it out of the park:

If they wanted to go with more of a “men should do right” message I think it would have been more effective to have some sort of a throughline to hang the “men doing right’ message on. Their final image is of a boy seeing his father intervene to stop bullying. If their throughline was, “I learned a lot from my father…” and showed him stopping bullying, telling him cat-calling was unacceptable, keeping a promise, whatever. And then they could even have wrapped up with the dad also giving the lesson, “Get a shave. You look scruffy.” which would have tied it back to the actual product.

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  1. Darwin Catholic notes a lot of men will be (are) annoyed with the ad. An ad for Gillette’s lady’s razor (“Venus”, etc) appear on my Instagram feed, and a lot of the women commented along the lines of “Thanks, but no thanks. Your toxic masculinity commercial bites.” And that is being polite.

  2. Mona Charen and David French have defended Gillette. Another piece of evidence that NeverTrump is actually a set of odd-little political microclimates that have been there for some time. The President’s behavior has triggered reactions from them which rendered them distinct from the surrounding landscape.

  3. Schick Still Sells Razors To Men.

    Of course, the narrative reads that all straight, white males are abusers, rapists, wife-beaters, etc; and all gun owners are mass murderers; and ordinary Americans vote for Trump. Except, they don’t apply the same dishonest prejudices to the real dangers (because they are allies in the war to destroy evil, unjust America) Muslim hajjis and violent illegal invaders.

    Seen elsewhere. The Gillette carp show was put on by a radical feminist female who once said she would not use straight white males in an ad campaign to sell razor blades to straight white males. Get woke. Go broke.

    Three hundred million guns and 12 trillion bullets ought to be sufficient.

  4. Glenn Reynolds hypothesis is that our professional-managerial stratum is now largely occupied by bubble-dwellers performing for each other instead of doing their jobs, and that this phenomenon explains many of the problems we’re having as a society. The ad’s supposedly gotten kudos from ad business trade papers. Trouble is, you’re not selling many razors to advertising professionals. Supposedly also, having received a commission from Proctor and Gamble, the ad agency put the account in the hands of a bad-attitude feminist. No one who handled this matter seems to set goals consistent with … selling razors.

  5. Beards are in: My batchelor sons wear well trimmed beards as does their single cousin. Their married friends wear beards so it’s not a matrimony vs bachelor sign like the Amish. Other cousin is active army duty so cannot unless he becomes a Sikh or Norse Pagan. Friend’s sons are bearded, parroting liberals. All these fellows are 20s and 30s. They live in TX, LA, NorCal, NoVA. So it’s not climate. Garage door repairman is bearded. I think it’s just the current style – a manly look.
    Perhaps Gillette should come out with a snazzy looking beard trimmer?

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