PopeWatch: BitterWinter

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The aptly name online magazine BitterWitter is a good source for the ongoing persecution of Catholics in Red China:


Some in China believe that the tentative deal between the Vatican and Beijing has given the CCP more license to go after the underground Catholic churches and force them to join the state-sanctioned ones, and thus, give credibility to the state churches.

“The CCP now requires all underground Catholic priests to comply with its policies. If the priest doesn’t obey, they will not recognize him and will expel him from the church on the grounds of not being a legal priest,” one underground priest in the Archdiocese of Fuzhou, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “The CCP has already started to use methods of intense indoctrination to transform and control priests. Priests who are strong-willed and disobey will continue to be locked up.”

As Bitter Winter reported earlier, after the deal with the Vatican was signed, numerous underground Catholic churches have been closed down, were harassed, or had religious symbols removed from their premises across China; some Catholic priests have been arrested as well.


Go here to read the rest.  Christ is placed on the Cross again in China, and our Pope lifts not a finger to do anything about it, but instead aids those carrying out this new Crucifixion.   The brave Catholics of the Underground Church in China deserved far better than to live in this kidney stone of a Pontificate, with a Pope seeming to emulate Judas far more than Peter.

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