You Have to Admit, the Man Has Style

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  1. Laughed my head off. Flying commercial is for the little people, NOT Nancy dearest.

    Now Trump needs to take a good hard look at exactly what did we “really” miss during all this?

  2. Supposedly, they were going to fly out much later in the day– and she got word of it being canceled, so pulled some strings to move it up to 3PM, which resulted it in being a massive backhand rather than a rather open “well, you SAID the shut down was a big thing…” counter. (Is also why they were only getting on the bus an hour before takeoff.)

  3. The Trump at his Trumpiest best part of the letter is where he tells her she should stay in Washington negotiating to get the government back open build the wall by joining Trump’s side(!).

    Join the Stong Border Movement and together we can rule the galaxy Nancy. It is you destiny.

  4. If Pelosi decides to make the trip going commercial, we all know damned well she’ll get reimbursed on the taxpayer’s dime. But I gotta say I love the optics of this letter.

    But if Trump was really being he would have told her she wanted to get on her broom and fly there, it would be her prerogative.

  5. Shocking new poll: Trump picks up 19 points among Hispanic Americans.

    Other polls 80% say illegal immigration is a problem; 28% say it’s a serious problem. You won’t hear anything like that from Pelosi, Schumer, or the lying media.

    Recent Gallup poll says Americans think illegal immigration is the top threat behind poor government (who’d-a thunk!) and health care (ruined by Obama’s Legacy: Obama care).

  6. I cannot stop smiling, thinking about this move. That is some
    weapons-grade trolling he just did, and I love him for it. Bravo!

  7. This shutdown may be Trump’s coup d’etat against pelosi/schumer by showing the American people that the government can function on a much smaller scale and that the furloughs should be permanent by just bringing essential people back to do the jobs that need to be done. He always said government was bloated. The longer the shutdown goes the more the Americans will realize a smaller government. This is the way to do cull the government.

  8. They do not give a tinker’s dam about what they do to ordinary people.

    You will never hear the following from the lying media and propagandist academy:

    “Pelosi and the Democrats figured they could just blame Trump for the shut down, but it’s Pelosi and the Democrats who won’t come to the table. Pelosi took off during Christmas for a luxury Hawaiian vacation, her party went on a party trip to Puerto Rico and now she and her harpies were hitting the road for a week on an international trip. Does it sound like the she wants to find an agreeable compromise to open the government up?” Liz Sheld

  9. Even a grandmaster level troller benefits from the advice of a coach:

    I would like to see Trump deliver the State of the Union before a cheering throng of 15,000 or 20,000 in an arena. He could invite members of Congress and justices of the Supreme Court to attend, and simultaneously deliver his report on the state of the union to Congress in writing. It would pain the networks to broadcast the speech under these conditions, but I think they would pretty much have to. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want the president to be seen in a favorable light in the House chamber? Fine. Let’s do it in an arena somewhere in the heartland. Where better to talk about the state of the union?

  10. If Pelosi decides to make the trip going commercial, we all know damned well she’ll get reimbursed on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Still cheaper than the military flight, although they DO need the training hours.

  11. OrdinaryCatholic-
    it might work to emotionally prove the gov’t can be smaller, but folks really need to not be fooled by the “essential” thing.

    In the form of a metaphor:
    You are spending too much money on your car.
    Gas is essential for it to run. An oil change is not.
    The way to save on your car costs is to cut down on trips, not to skip the oil change.

    Some of the stuff that is “essential”– say, TSA– isn’t something that needs to be done, except because of rules requiring it to be done.
    But stuff like training, transfers, basic maintenance to support required functions, isn’t “essential” in the sense the shutdown is using, just like a snow-storm essential personnel list isn’t a good way to figure out who to downsize.

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