Gillette Teaching Men Not to Objectify Women

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  1. Agreed Jeanne.
    For the majority of women modesty is a form of beverage.

    Same goes for chastity.

    Today the cult donning vagina hats paraded downtown Traverse City. As long as their golden calf is protected eventually their hats will outnumber the heads that sit on them, since they are killing off their future feminists. Oh well.

    Fashions do die out thank God.
    Abortion on demand is one of them.

    Praise Jesus Christ raising up new generations to protect Life.
    Protect the sanctity of Life!

  2. “Women can be so stupid.”

    Some women can be so stupid. Usually they are liberal progressive feminists.

    “They want sexual abuse to stop….”

    They say they want sexual abuse to stop, yet then they embrace the perversion of sexual liberation, behaving like rutting baboons in heat.

    “…but don’t consider how they dress.”

    Oh, they know exactly how they dress and they do it deliberately, then they act horrified when uncivilized men without conscience behave accordingly in their presence. I believe that they secretly and subconsciously want big bad men to abuse them so that they can actually feel something – even if it’s hurt and pain and sadness and rejection – in their sin-hardened hearts. Otherwise they feel nothing. That’s feminism!

    BTW, for the record, my wife does dress “sexy” (or should I say, attractively) on certain rare occasions (like Filipino dance parties with her girlfriends). But she doesn’t dress like a whore, and anyone – male or female – who objectifies her will be welcome to feel the sharp Filipino machete of the edge of her tongue (assuming she decides to keep the butcher’s knife in the kitchen drawer). 🙂

    Gillette’s going to rue the day it did that man-boy commercial. I am now receiving advertisement after advertisement on my FB and Google feeds for razors from Gillette’s competitors after I made a big stink on their FB and Twitter pages. What a freaking bunch of emasculated effeminate multi-gendered idiots.

  3. Humans can be so stupid– this current flap is from people using a thing to get attention.

    Just like those gals up top.

    And it works– have a group of 20 women, and put 15 in normal, modest clothes with the other five in highly sexual fashion, people will honestly declare that all of them were dressed to provoke.

  4. Foxfier:
    I taught at a Catholic girls’ high school for two decades and chaperoned many proms. I had to wonder who bought the dress with Mom and who without. Unfortunately, our dean was more “persuader” than enforcer. I worry for young girls who don’t get the impressions their choice of dress can create, when a lot of older women (including unfortunately some modern mothers) seem to have gone silent. There are some things I don’t feel right saying to a young girl who’s not my daughter or granddaughter, but fortunately had female colleagues who were willing to say them for me.

  5. A yes, the late 90s —early oughts, the height of the streetwalker chic era, when every little girl tried to dress like Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver.

    You have my sympathies Foxfier.

  6. Men don’t objectify women; they do it themselves. For many of them it is the point of their existence, their only weapon. Pathetic!

  7. Now there are 2 ads titled Critical on reversing Altzheimers with Big Pulpit ad in between. Was using and am using an Android (Google) Motorola phone and viewing through email. Not near a computer to check if any ads appear. That is creepy.

  8. Now there are 2 ads titled Critical on reversing Altzheimers with Big Pulpit ad in between. Was using and am using an Android (Google) Motorola phone and viewing through AOL email. Not near a computer to check if any ads appear. Now ads are for Cur with Big Pulpit in between though gay ad banner above Title of this post. Creepy.

  9. I’m on the TAC Webb site. No objectionable ads inserted. Must be AOL email on my phone.

    The Gillette ad with the shapely women presenting their shiny blue bottoms with Gillette emblazoned is extremely suggestive….and offensive to females.

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