My Reason For Supporting Trump

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But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.

Mathew 19:30



Trump has kept his commitment to the pro-life cause, while almost all Leftist Catholics enthusiastically cast their votes for the party that declares open season on the unborn.  There is much to criticize Trump about, but on the great moral issue of our time he is now on the side of the angels and those of us who oppose the contemporary massacre of the innocents.  May it be to his credit when he faces his Particular Judgment.

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  1. The administrative state, lobbyists and Demons will cheat-six times as hard as 2016, when they believed corrupt, incompetent Hillary was a sure thing.

    No moral person can accept another demon in the White House.

  2. One of the things where I do not believe he is even trying to make a sale or deliver what he promised– his story for why he came to his senses is just too normal.

  3. Additionally Mathew 7:16: “By their fruits you shall know them”. Other Presidents provided lofty words in defense of the unborn, no President has delivered such concrete measures for which their actions can be judged. For this we are obligated to give thanks.

  4. Neither Bushes, nor McCain, nor Romney are/were anti-abortion. They lied to get votes.

    Main reason for above: Trump supported Bret against all the lies. In a similar “crisis,” the Bushes, McCain, Romney would have deserted Kavanaugh and pulled his nomination; then replaced with a pro-abort RINO.

  5. Ah, but he is one heck of a salesman. Which makes it worse, since they have to sell “this appliance is cheaper to run than the old one” with “The world will end if you don’t buy this!”

  6. I agree in particular with Lucius Q.:

    One of the principal reasons, make no mistake, as to why the Left hates Trump, is because he is pro-life.

    The pro-life position is at the root of nearly all their rage. Just look at the first question they ask any federal court nominee now.

  7. For whatever reason, Trump has been pretty good on this issue. He has not only been better than leftist Catholic pols, he’s been better than most of the Church hierarchy. And for that, we all should be embarrassed.

  8. For Trump/Pence because he was pro-life; would nominate pro-life, Constutionalistc judges and a non – politician.
    Against Hillary/Kaine because to save lives; she and her ilk would end American freedoms.
    God gave this nation a second chance with Trump.
    At every Consecration I ask God to watch over Trump, Pence and their families.

  9. I, too, believe God gave “this nation a second chance with Trump,” but not just our nation, but the Catholic Church Shepherds and sheep, as well. Catholics are the largest single group who endorse with their names and actions (voting) the Democrat Party, some 46 years post Roe v. Wade. The Democrat Party is the largest attacker of God’s laws starting with its 100% support for abortion, then same-sex “marriage,” and now the newest front – transgenderism, which is being taught in public schools starting in kindergarten. Satan is using the Democrat Party to attack God’s greatest gifts – life, marriage and family. And the U.S. bishops, as a body, are absolutely silent about a majority of their sheep endorsing and voting for that organization. It is a mortal sin against the 5th Commandment to merely join the Nazi Party or the KKK; why isn’t it a mortal sin to join the Democrat Party? I’ve asked the U.S. bishops that question and never get an answer. Certainly, the butchering of innocent unborn babies is far worse than making people feel bad being discriminated against.

    Not only are the Catholic Democrat sheep seriously endangering their salvation, so are their shepherds. How can any Catholic Democrat be obeying God’s Greatest Commandment, and His Second Greatest Commandment? How can any Catholic shepherd or Catholic Democrat sheep be doing the “will of God our Father in heaven” which Jesus said will be the only ones who get into heaven? (Mt. 7; 21)

  10. Trump is not my savior. He is not the solution to all ills in this country. He is not the source of my happiness. Not one president will ever be. But we have a man, imperfect as any man is, who I believe loves this country and despite being set for life financially, socially and in any other way you wish to define set for life, runs to become President of the USA and wins. No president has ever gone through the hate and rage he is going through by the leftist and the media, the democrats and the nevertrumpers. There was no way he should have been elected yet he was. There is no way any other man would still be standing after two years of non-stop onslaught of filth from the leftist democrats and media yet he stands. I cannot see anything but divine intervention in all of this. No, he is not a saint and I did not vote for a saint but a man would do right by this country. One would keep his word work for this nation. I could not vote from anyone that supports abortion on demand, euthanasia, assisted suicides etc…There could not have been a more clearer line drawn between good and evil at this past general election. Second chance indeed. We had better heed this second chance and pray hard for him for the Godless are praying just as hard to demons.

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