Archbishop Joseph Kurtz: Coward

Archbishop Kurtz still has not retracted his idiotic rush to judgment condemnation of the Covington students.  He has less concern for their well being than actor James Woods.  He is the type of shepherd who will not only run away when wolves come, but will throw sheep to the wolves, hoping he is eaten last.  Despicable and predictable.


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  1. Maybe we should just go ahead and cancel next years March for Life. I mean, we wouldn’t want to offend anybody.

    And while we’re at it, maybe somebody in some official capacity should apologize for that unfortunate and shameful display of hooliganism in the Court of the Gentiles.

  2. They dishonestly went after those kids not to get the kids, buy to trash all Catholics since Jesus Christ and St. Peter.

    Foy and Kurtz are only two of the thousands of things wrong with the Church.

    Here is another quoted: “A prominent American priest has dissed the Washington March for Life as ‘repulsive and futile,’ denouncing the pro-life event as ‘basically a gathering for many right-wing anti-abortion hardliners.’”

    IMO, you can’t be a Catholic if you are not an anti-abortion hardliner.

  3. Preventing these young people from their journey is assault. With video proof there ought to be a lawsuit if only to prevent another attack.
    And it is to hate Trump. My sister in law is Seminole and some of my friends are Cherokee and they are law abiding friends and neighbors.

  4. One of the side aspects to this entire debacle is the misguided notion that kids who attend Catholic schools are privileged/wealthy. That is part of the automatic contempt for this group of kids. The sacrifice that these families make to send their children to something other than left-wing indoctrination camps is seldom acknowledged.

  5. My prejudice towards Catholic schools has always been that it’s the Volkswagen Passat of private education i.e., the private school for the rest of us. I wouldn’t mind if it meant my kids’ tuition was being subsidized by the non-Catholic social climbers whose kids are there so mommy & daddy can say their darling only-child went to private school. But I don’t get that benefit, and I get all the detriments of pop-culture conventional wisdom (liberal) SWPL thinking. Or, as Ken called it, “left-wing indoctrination camps.” (Only with Mass on Fridays!)

    My kids can (and do) get that from the public schools for “free.”

    My half informed opinion, for what it’s worth. (Not much, I know).

  6. Bp. Foys hasn’t taken his inane statement down, either.

    A dear friend once has a research assitant’s job at the New York State Legislature. His description of legislators in that era (ca. 1962) was as follows (ticking off fingers).

    1. “Buffoons”
    2. “Pollltrooons”
    3. “and out-and-out crooks”
    4. “and every once in a while an honest man”.

    Now it’s a description of our bishops.

  7. I have had it with these American Bishops They crucify innocent young men trying to make a difference in the world and PRAISE the iilkes like Good Catholics( lol )Pelosi, Cuomo,Biden etc etc etc. SHAMEFUL!!!

  8. Bishops just keep on coming up with new ways to throw faithful Catholics under the bus. Never trust a Catholic bishop — what a sad thing to say, but the evidence points to the accuracy of this warning.

  9. In fairness to the bishops, I haven’t heard any praise for Pelosi, Cuomo, Biden et. al., but maybe that’s just me. And our Church is a heirarchical one. So trust, but verify, as a wise man once said.

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