Letter From a Democrat

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This letter has been going viral:


Hello everyone. My name is … well my name isn’t important. What I’ve decided is.

I admit it. I was a Democrat. I voted for Barack Obama. Twice. I hated Trump. And voted libertarian in 2016. But over the last year or so, as I’ve watched the nation completely lose its way and with it all sense of decorum, civility, and compromise, I’ve witnessed a president who refuses to give up on campaign promises.

This is a man who will not be cowed and pushed. He will not give in when an issue is important. He truly is an outsider and will not succumb and be absorbed by the political establishment. His republican colleagues did all they could to hinder his election. They hated him and feared him. Now they fall in line like the good little spineless politicians they are. Trump doesn’t hate them because the opposite of love isn’t hate – it’s indifference. And that’s how Trump is to those who don’t matter (and there are a bunch of people who do not matter – no real unique and special snowflakes exist). These establishment types are simply soldiers to the president. And soldiers are nothing but a great leader’s tool.

I may not agree with him always. But I don’t doubt him any more. Not after what I’ve seen. Not after what I’ve experienced.

The other side doesn’t want equality. They want totality. I saw signs of this in the 90s but I fell in line like a good little Democrat. When they came for the family life, I didn’t say anything because I did not realize the severity of what would happen to the next generations.

When they came for free speech, I didn’t say anything because I was too busy rolling my eyes at the notion of Barry being anything but a good guy who plays basketball and loves his kids.

When they came for everyone’s backbone and replaced it with trigger warnings and safe spaces (phrases I shudder to know have now forever entered our lexicon) I didn’t say anything because I was fooled into believing these were isolated incidents and there was no way the silliness could spread so far, wide and deeply ingrained into the soul of so many.

But then one day, not all of the sudden because the eyes were slowly being opened to the ways of the modern left without me even knowing, I finally asked myself “do you see?”

Do you see what they think of men with their #metoo and seething calls of “toxic masculinity” with their witch hunts and razor commercials?

Do you see what they think of capitalism and their hatred for the hundreds of thousands who fought and died to make America the light of hope for millions around the world?

Do you see what they they think of self-reliance and ingenuity as they serves as pimps and drug dealers to over half the population? Getting them hooked and dependent on the government and unable – unwilling – to care for themselves.

Do you see what they think of the symbols that used to define us and unite us? They celebrate kneeling during our songs, burning our flag, and tearing down the reminders of our history – both for good and for ill – as did the Nazis before them and the Huns of old.

Do you see how they make the people hate the very ideals of the nation that gave them the power to do all these things?

Do you see how they divide the races and try to make us even more at odds with one another than we were during those sad days during the Civil Rights Movement despite all of the roadblocks that have been torn down? They tell the ones who are dependent on them that White people are all evil, that white men are satan. They make an strawman enemy to last a lifetime.

Do you see what they think of the constitution and the bill of rights? They love all of them. Except the second. And now the first. Say what you think, they tell you. But whisper, “so long as it is the same as us.”

Do you see?

Because I do.

And when they finally came for an innocent kid from Kentucky, one who was likely on the trip of a lifetime from his small town and now could have a lifetime of ridicule over “fake news”, I decided I was not going to stay silent any longer. I was going to say something.

What they are doing to that young man is wrong. It’s depraved. The creators, purveyors, and perpetuators do not just deserve punishment in this life but also in the next. Too harsh? No. For they are so blinded by hate they cannot see what they have done to this nation.

Truly we have become Rome. We are crumbling. We are dying. Can we rebuild? Can we overcome the forces of muck and grime and swamp that have slowly and quietly eaten away at our foundations? For decades these vile beings came quietly on the backs of calls of “change”. That change came alright but once the Pandora’s box was open all kinds of perversions spewed forth. The dam broke. The nation was flooded.

Can we rebuild? Can we resow?

I do not know. But I am silent no longer. Not when they came for that boy from Kentucky. And not when they come for anyone else going forward.

Congratulations to the modern left. You lost another one. I imagine there will be many, many more 18 months from.

Edited: thank you all so much for the kind words. I just needed to get my thoughts out there for myself. While I have gotten tons of support, I’ve also gotten a bunch of horrible personal messages. I just don’t understand the hate.

Go here to look at the original.

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  1. Whoever this person is, is to be commended. It took not one, two but probably a good dozen of baseball bats to do the trick but hopefully he/she has “awakened”.
    Unfortunately, too many get disgusted with how far the left keeps dragging the Country into their cesspool but when some other candidate comes along and “appears” to be “not as bad”, they vote for a tug into a cess-puddle. They soon discover the candidate “moved to the right” just to get elected then the voter ask, how did we get here? Baseball bat time again.

  2. “Congratulations to the modern left. You lost another one. I imagine there will be many, many more 18 months from (now).”

    I am praying tonight that there are many, many more.

  3. Outstanding letter. Hopefully a lot more lemming like Dems will take the red pill.

    Democrats got the way they are because the Catholic Church was on their side and still is and, with Pope Francis, condoning all their evil ways.

  4. The Dems don’t want any vestiges of racial discrimination to end, nor solve the illegal immigration problem, nor DACA, nor any other thing that would benefit this Country or People if it interferes with their “talking points”.

  5. This is going to sound weird. I do not object to the letter at all, BUT I question whether it is by a real convert. Please let me explain.

    Don and a few others might also remember this, but I recall a time – I think during W’s term – when talk radio would have several callers who all claimed “I’ve been a lifelong republican, but this time…”

    It was all so predictable, so NPC-like, that it became a meme at the time among conservatives that these were obviously liberals trying to give their words extra weight by pretending to be “a part of the group.” Since then… I’ve kind of gotten sensitive to these things.

    Because I’ve come across a lot of them. “I used to be…” types. Thing is each side has it’s own style and terminology. If you really were a lifelong [whatever], you wouldn’t shake those tendencies easily. That’s why I believe Jonathan Haidt’s (author of Coddling of the American Mind – when we getting that book review, Don?) had a legit conversion because when you watch some of his discussions, you’ll see him “lapse” into liberal habits and use phrasings they use. That’s partially why I believed some of the #walkaway group too.

    This guy… reads too conservative pretending to me. Like this line:
    Do you see what they think of capitalism and their hatred for the hundreds of thousands who fought and died to make America the light of hope for millions around the world?

    I’ve come across some liberal capitalists – and I remember them because they’re so rare. That this person throws this line out there as if to awaken his fellows is hard to believe – because they think that of capitalism. He doesn’t bother pointing out the problem with this from the Left’s terms. (If you want a good example of this, look up one of Evan Sayat’s talks*.) This indictment is very much from a right-leaning view.

    It’s still a good letter, I just find myself skeptical of the initial claim. But then I may be getting TOO skeptical in my old age.

    *Actually Evan Sayat is a good case study. He’s got 2-3 talks on youtube over several years and if you watch them, you can kind of pick up from the earlier ones where his conversion is still a bit fresh vs the later ones where he’s full on conservative now. And I say this as someone who very much likes Evan and would buy him a beer any time – so don’t read any condemnation in my words.

  6. It might not be a real Democrat Nate, but I have seen political conversions where there comes an event that completely changes political allegiances. Trump, for example, is doing a lot of that on both sides. The event is usually a catalyst for underlying unease. In regard to the Covington students we see how eager the Left, and those who wish to curry favor with the Left, are to destroy people if they are the wrong sex, the wrong skin color and the wrong religion. It would not surprise me if this is a breaking point for more than a few Democrats, especially those who are Democrats through family heritage, although I suspect that a lot of people in that category jumped ship long ago.

  7. Very true, Don. Very true. That’s why I cited 2 democrats I knew by name who demonstrated such a conversion.

    It baffles me that so many who would frequently mock the Salem witch trials so eagerly participate in the modern variant. And that any effort to point this out usually has the reply, “Yeah but we know that [nazis/racists/whatever] are real!”

    Never mind that Salem knew witches were real too…

  8. yes, there may be some suspicion whether the letter was written by a real Democrat. Regardless, what it says is largely true. Of course, Democrats are not the only ones needing some conversion – a fair amount of “conservatives” and “Republicans” could use some.

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