Forces of Tolerance Strike Again

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News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


U.S.—News media outlets around the country were reportedly astonished to discover a Christian school at which second lady Karen Pence is teaching holds their students and staff to Christian beliefs.

Expert journalists went to great lengths to uncover this story, unveiling the shocking revelation that a Christian woman teaches at a Christian school that affirms Christian doctrine on human sexuality that has been unchanged for 2,000 years.


Go here to read the rest.  I omitted the usual humor tag for this Babylon Bee story, because on this one the Bee is accurately describing the hate frenzy whipped up by the media.

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  1. Then motive behind the “Covington/Geronimo” video lies is to slander every Catholic on the Planet. The motive her is to slander every Christian.

    Every person and every thing about whom/which the 100% lying media 100% lies is meant to destroy every person and/or every institution which belies the nightmarish agenda.

    Act accordingly.

  2. I don’t know about his wife, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Mike Pence is an ex-Catholic. It is not hard for me to imagine that he left the Church because the clerics were going too far, well, liberal.

  3. @ James:

    From Wikipedia:

    “In his childhood and early adulthood, Pence was a Roman Catholic and a Democrat. He volunteered for the Bartholomew County Democratic Party in 1976 and voted for Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election, and has stated that he was originally inspired to get involved in politics by people such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. While in college, Pence became an evangelical, born-again Christian, to the great disappointment of his mother. His political views also started shifting to the right during this time in his life, something which Pence attributes to the ‘common-sense conservatism of Ronald Reagan’ that he began to identify with.”

    There are several things we Catholics need to accept and own and rectify:

    ·         Our clergy and laity are infected and infested with godless liberalism –the USCCB has got to be purged. So must the Vatican. Bergoglio must be deposed and anathematized.
    ·         The majority of our priests and bishops are horrible preachers, and often demonstrate a disbelief in what sacred Scripture says. I can’t stand it with the priest at my parish has offsite duty and we get a substitute who invariably is a Vat II nit wit rejecting the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture.
    ·         Too many clerics fail to preach righteousness and holiness, repentance and conversion; instead focusing on social justice, the common good and peace at any price. Lord Christ, please purge that crap from Your Body!
    ·         The liturgy has been so Protestantized (NOT in an evangelical or Pentecostal way but in a liberal way – too very different things) with Versus Populum instead of Ad Orientam, with elevator music for hymns, and with the removal of anything Latin. The Orthodox Anglicans (a breakaway from Canterbury) do the Mass right, albeit in Elizabethan English – I have been there and seen it with my own eyes.

    Luke 19:40 comes to mind: “He answered, ‘I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.’” That’s what’s happening today. Evangelicals and Pentecostals are drying our repent with the USCCB goes on and on and on about climate change and immigration reform and all the social justice crap that it can pontificate on. Frankly if it weren’t for the fact that my priest preaches the real gospel and not this liberal crap, and that the real Eucharist is in the Catholic Church, I would follow Pence’s example.

  4. LQC.
    I do feel your angst.
    Find a good solid Catholic Church. Help it grow.
    Become a great witness for Christ and build her up, the Church!

    That’s what we can do now.
    Right now.

  5. There is nothing that anyone in my Church or otherwise could say or do for me to leave the Body of Christ. Poor homilies? Corruption? Immorality? Dishonesty? Unfaithfulness? Nothing could make me leave for as Peter said, “Lord, where are we to go? You have the words of eternal life.” As far as clerics go, bishops, priests and pope, we pray and pray hard. It’s easy to blame others for the ills on the church but honestly, how many of us have made it a habit of praying for our clergy, to protect them from Satan and to offer Masses up for our priests and bishops? We all have had a hand in our Church’s current crises. Do we now pray for them because of the crisis? Or did we pray for them from the beginning for God to protect and guide them? Yes, we can raise our voices but those ordained by the Church will be dealt with by God in His way.

  6. Referencing the latest video of the confrontation, one RC blogger suggested that faithful Catholics do nothing more that pull out their rosaries and drop to their knees in silent prayer. While pacifists have long misinterpreted the turning of the other cheek, right now, that suggestion could be the right one.

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