Coward Kurtz Still Hasn’t Apologized

Think about it.  This bad joke was willing to have a media avalanche ruin the lives of the students and their parents, and he piled on after conducting no investigation.  Now, he doesn’t have the guts to admit he was wrong and make amends.  This creature should be in no position of authority in or outside the Church.


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  1. As of Tuesday, 1/22 at 7 am, as reported by the local radio station WLW, the Diocese of Covington STILL won’t withdraw their condemnations. It says that they have “hired a third party” to investigate it. They just announce the school will be closed for security reasons and since so many students won’t attend due to the death threats. Indian Activists plan on protesting against the students at the Diocese today.

    What a mad world!

  2. John, yep. I’m seeing this called a canary in the coal mine. Where things are going, and who we can and can’t count on to stand firm.

  3. If the good Bishop was wrongfully accused of buggery based upon some money grubbing liar’s testimony, how rotten he might feel by watching his peers pile on with their grotesque judgments.

    Shame on him. Poor man.
    I’ll place him in my rosary.

    “Sensitivity training” is the suggestion that Mr. Phillip’s poses regarding the actions of the boys. (NBC news clip this morning.)

    What a bad joke indeed.

    The Thought Police are alive and well.

  4. When I confess a lie, my current confessor always asks if it caused another serious harm. The point being that causing serious harm by a lie is a mortal sin.

    I don’t know if the Whitened Sepulcher Kurtz believes in mortal sin (I don’t know if the vast Brood of Vipers that is so much of the Episcopacy does), but whether he does or doesn’t, I believe the matter of mortal sin is certainly on W.S. Kurtz’s soul. Pray for him, as he may end up in Hell.

    In the meantime, consider this petition:

  5. Too late to say you’re sorry.

    Kurtz was a major anti-hero in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Coincidence or is the Holy Spirit at work?

  6. As the Catholic Church apparatus in the United States continues to self-destruct, it has begun to cannibalize and eat its young.
    ‘Coward’ is to good a word for these two bishops and the school principal.

  7. This latest push for females to be ordained as Deacons,, is disconcerting, don’t we already have enough effeminate clergy?

  8. Well, the Covington Bishop (Bishop Roger Joseph Foys) has released a new statement this afternoon and he didn’t apologize for condemning the students.

    For those who don’t know, Covington is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, where I am located. So this is a local story here and has been burning up the local radio shows and TV news programs.

  9. I saw this comment on another site. It was supposed to have been from a post on the Daily Caller;
    “Catholic leaders’ willingness to condemn the students with little to no hesitation seems strange in light of Catholic officials’ reticence to publicly condemn or confront clerics accused and suspected of sexual abuse, like former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, or those accused of covering up allegations of abuse, like Cardinal Donald Wuerl, with as much immediacy.”

  10. If the corrective action involves workshops for diocesan and school staff/volunteers on how to prepare themselves and their student charges for what to possibly expect from anti-life/anti-Catholic crowds at the March for Life and how to respond (or not respond) in charity to provocations, then I’m all for it.

    Especially if it involves an announcement that henceforth, prior to every March for Life, the Bishop intends to hold a special Mass for the Marchers where he will preach on Matthew 10:16.

    Anything else would be a futile gesture.

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