Crashing Immaculate Conception

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The Indian “elder” and fake Vietnam Vet is a piece of work:


The day after a Lincoln Memorial confrontation with some Catholic schoolboys that went viral, American Indian activist Nathan Phillips and his drum-and-chant group reportedly tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass in Northeast Washington.

The Catholic News Agency reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources, that the group of about 20 activists sought to enter the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Saturday during its 5:15 p.m. Vigil Mass.

“It was really upsetting,” a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass told CNA. “There were about twenty people trying to get in, we had to lock the doors and everything.”

“A source close to the shrine’s leadership corroborated the security guard’s account,” CNA wrote.


Go here to read the rest.  This was all a publicity stunt by this Leftist activist, and idiot cowards in the Catholic Church like Archbishop Kurtz and Bishop Foys have been only too happy to play along.

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  1. The very LAST people you can count on to defend the timeless TRUTHS of the Catholic Faith these days are the clergy. The entire Church needs a spiritual enema. I can’t wait for the RICO investigation to begin the purge by flushing the majority of these scumbags away.

  2. So at this point all we need is his DNA results to come back as 50% Dutch and 50% Italian to completely shatter the narrative?

  3. I think there is yet another shoe or dozen to drop on Mr. Nathan Phillips, if that is really his name.

    This Nathan Phillips, a member of the extremist American Indian Movement, in the 1990s provided an interview to the Washington Post on his personal meeting with convicted double murderer Leonard Peltier, in which she expressed his admiration of the man who killed two FBI agents.

    Also, confirming the veteran group information that was given to me, it now appears he certainly was not a veteran of being in Vietnam, but he alleges he was in the Marines and a member of special recon, All USMC (except embassy personnel) were pulled out of Vietnam by 1972, so if he graduated high school in June 1972 or later, that timeline really doesn’t work. He may have served in the military, but most of what he has been saying about his military service doesn’t fit. Another “Winter Soldier?” He wouldn’t be the first.

    There is a Nathan Phillips on the VA rolls who is a US veteran but that person is much older than age 64 or 65. It is not rare on the Native American reservations for people to assume the identity of someone else. Identification information, even birth information, is rudimentary. Yes, speculation. But so far everything else about “Nathan Phillips” is not what we were told.

  4. The latest on the internet is a photo of his DD 214 obtained by FOI request. He enlisted under the last name of Stanard, not his birth name Phillips. Served USMCR 1972-76 less than 4 years. Was not a RECON Ranger but a reefer (refrigerator) repairman. Never advanced beyond private. Disharge not listed honorable. Possibly due to confirmed instances of UA (AWOL).

  5. Thank you, CAM.

    I was trying to be, um, ‘delicate’.

    In the meantime it would be nice if the US Catholic bishops individually and collectively were not like panicked savannah animals being driven before beaters on a safari hunt.

  6. @Steven Phoenix
    Seen at:

    I don’t love saying this…but the Catholic Church jumping to condemn innocent Catholic kids after keeping child sexual abuse a secret because they didn’t want to rush to judgment is quite a thing to behold

    The church may want to start asking why anybody would want to join an organization that puts more effort into protecting the wolves than the actual sheep of its flock.

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