Betrayal Chic

Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts looks at the latest in Betrayal Chic in the Catholic Church:


As more information comes out about Nathan Phillips, who of late attempted to crash a Mass with drums a’beating, Notre Dame does its best Wormtongue impersonation and promises to celebrate stone age bloodshed and renounce all failed Christians of the past.  What a hot mess.  What embarrassment.  Thank goodness it’s not a Catholic school!

Sigh.  But that is the way of things.  History is not about the heroes.  It’s about those who finally stand up to the evils allowed by those such as the cowardly Catholics of Covington and Notre Dame.  Ones who easily and proudly embrace all the evil, hate, racism and whatever will keep getting them praise and adoration from the peanut gallery and the best parties with T&A. 

It happens.  It always has.  Throughout history, the actual forces of evil and hell have been relatively few.  Unfortunately, those who recognize them as such as typically few as well and, as often as not, relegated to the margins of society since the Beast and the Dragon are always the ones holding the ears and eyes of the masses.  And it’s those masses, getting on with life, just trying to get by, who end up making the legions fighting for the next darkness.

Remember, in 1931 the overwhelming number of Germans were not Nazis.  Fifteen year later tens of millions were dead, exterminated in gas chambers or killed in battle, and Germany was bombed into ruins and split with half of its people enduring the terror of Soviet domination.  And this is why. 

Most people, God bless them, are unaware of such things.  Believe it or not, most are just waking up, going to work, paying bills, watching the game, and going to bed (after brushing their teeth).  But then, that’s what they were doing in Germany in 1931 as well.  It’s those who through cowardliness or intellectual fearfulness jump on board and help the powers of darkness who are in many ways history’s true villains.  The villains are always there.  The baddies.  You’ll always have criminals on the small and grand scales.  But it’s their enablers who are doubly damned for their part in it.

Right now, the Catholic leadership has embraced racism, attacked teenagers, joined with a lynch mob meant to destroy opponents of the Political Left.  And now more Catholic leaders join other Christians in handing the faith’s cloud of witnesses over to the pagan and the heathen for their memories to be burned alive, all while tacitly approving of whatever evils any other civilization ever committed simply by virtue of their skin color, national origins, religion and ethnicity. 

Well done.  Just once it would be nice to see the Church get ahead of the game and actually stand firm against the rising darkness, instead of waiting until the body count has mounted and everyone and their uncle is now resisting for the sake of the free peoples of the world.  Just once.

Go here to comment.  What is the source of Betrayal Chic among Catholic clergy?  More than a few are simply on the other side.  Oh, they usually conceal it, but the mask slips now and then and we see how much they hate traditional Catholicism.  For the rest it is mostly cowardice pure and simple.  CS Lewis, as usual, got it right about courage being an essential virtue:

Now this is a ticklish business. We have made men proud of most vices, but not of cowardice. Whenever we have almost succeeded in doing so, the Enemy [namely God] permits a war or an earthquake or some other calamity, and at once courage becomes so obviously lovely and important even in human eyes that all our work is undone, and there is still at least one vice of which they feel genuine shame. The danger of inducing cowardice in our patients,1 therefore, is lest we produce real self-knowledge and self-loathing with consequent repentance and humility. . . . In peace we can make many of them ignore good and evil entirely; in danger, the issue is forced upon them in a guise to which even we cannot blind them. . . . If we promoted justice and charity among men, we should be playing directly into the Enemy’s hands; but if we guide them to the opposite behaviour, this sooner or later produces (for He permits it to produce) a war or a revolution, and the undisguisable issue of cowardice or courage awakes thousands of men from moral stupor.

This, indeed, is probably one of the Enemy’s motives for creating a dangerous world—a world in which moral issues really come to the point. He sees as well as you do that courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality. A chastity or honesty, or mercy, which yields to danger will be chaste or honest or merciful only on conditions. Pilate was merciful till it became risky.

CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Too many of our clergy tremble before the World and thus they are conquered by it.


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  1. I’d go there to comment, but for whatever reason, the software won’t let me comment anonymously & I refuse to set up a gmail account.

    So, my only comment is add the failure to condemn (I mean really condemn, like excommunicate publicly condemn) all the NY “c”atholic pols who supported their new infanticide law to the list of betrayals of the faithful by the clerisy.

  2. Nick Monroe on twitter seems to be doing a fair job keeping up with the convington going ons.

    After destroying their credibility, now the media is apparently trying harder. In the last day they have…

    Claimed a kid said “it’s not rape if you enjoy it.” – Oops, turned out that kid was replying to a taunt one of the black hebrews was shouting at them. They may also not go to covington.

    A girl claimed the boys shouted “MAGA” at her. – Again, no confirmation they go to convinton. Some dug up the longer clip and it seems she said something to them first and they were replying.

    Former gay student says this doesn’t surprise him – Oh by the way, when I said “student” i meant “he attended a different catholic high school in the same area.” Were you under the impression he also attended covington?

    That’s just off the top of my head. Suspicious packages showed up at the school and the lawyer for the families involved yesterday too. Buckle down, kids, this ride is just getting started.

    Let us begin the next crusade to take back journalism!

  3. Fr. Paul Maknowski’s essay “Tames in Clerical Culture” may be instructive here. Msgr. George Kelly wrote an article about 15 years ago for Catholic World Report on lions and foxes in bureaucracies that was also instructive.

    Ecclesiastics across the board (and the people who work for them) strike me as generic NGO functionaries with the same mentality and character defects. Clergymen use a different idiom, of course. The brass in the Catholic Church is liberally studded with gossipy eunuchs and homosexuals. Still, same sort of apparatchik. They betray people because that’s what comes naturally.

  4. Outstanding summary by Art Deco:

    “[Ecclesiastics in the Catholic Church] betray people because that is what comes naturally.”

    Must remember.

    If Sun Tzu were a Catholic today, would he have said less?

  5. For Christ’s sake they are children.

    Seems, KY bishops have a penchant for abetting the rapes of teen boys, here by their slanders/libels in the public square.

    Verily, the floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

    The Covington/plaintiff families’ attorneys ought to add the diocese to the list of slanderers.

  6. Charlotte Allen has a short & smart criticism on the failure of institutional Catholicism in this matter:

    The long-term takeaway from the sorry incident isn’t the complicity of the mainstream media in broadcasting a lie after failing in their basic journalistic duty to do some reporting (we all know the media are primed to jump on anything that discredits Trump, white males, and opposition to abortion). It’s the pathetic spectacle of Catholic institutions and Catholic public intellectuals wringing their hands and rushing to condemn the boys minutes after the original video went viral.
    [. . . . ]
    What these Catholic ecclesiastics and Catholic intellectuals don’t seem to understand is that the secular liberal world, rather than willing to make a place for them if they go along with secular liberal pieties, is in a war against them—with the goal of total annihilation. . . . . [T]his is just a prelude to President Trump’s likely nomination of devout Catholic federal appeals judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill an upcoming Supreme Court vacancy. If Trump nominates Barrett, expect a battle from every liberal quarter to destroy the Catholic Church in America, the likes of which you have never seen.

    Sorry about that. I’ve had others say the same. I wish I could fix it, but I’m nothing when it comes to tech stuff. Appreciate the input nonetheless.

  8. If Google wasn’t evil, I’d reconsider gmail. Anyways, know that I read your blog. And not just when Don links to it.

  9. Now, would one of yuse guys help out a fellow American who’s down on his luck? Somebody go over to NRO & let me know if Jonah Goldberg wrote this. I see the word “gormless” in this Instapundit excerpt, so it must be Goldberg, right?

    I’d look myself, but I gave NRO up for Lent.

  10. Nope, it’s Mr. “Research? What is research? Anything I write about I clearly know enough to not bother with actually LEARNING about” Williamson.

  11. ….big dose of irony, he complains that others don’t bother with journalism.
    (Backstory: every time he’s done an article on something I’m familiar with, he’s been not just wrong but “parrot folk-knowledge’ level wrong.)

  12. Foxfier, Truth. In a former life I (unbelievable as it sounds) gave newspaper, radio and TV interviews. Each and every one was edited and added to so that the whole thing was 90% bull shit.

    Why they fear and hate the truth. “Post-Modern journal is all about determining which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.” My paraphrase of Jim Treacher.

    It’s all: Baloney, Deceit, Delusion, Democrat Fan Fiction, Fabrication, Fairy-Tale, Fake, Fantasy, Fraud, Hoax, Legend, Myth, Nightmare, Sham, Superstition,

    The obvious conclusion from the (going on three years) Trump, Kavanaugh and Covington assassinations is that every piece of “news” spurting out of the media must be completely ignored. It’s all lies.

  13. “gormless” must be part of the stylesheet then. I thought that was a Goldberg tic, like Taranto and “kerfuffle” over at the WSJ.

  14. (Backstory: every time he’s done an article on something I’m familiar with, he’s been not just wrong but “parrot folk-knowledge’ level wrong.)

    Foxfier, it would be shorter to list who that DOESN’T apply to. 😉

  15. “gormless” must be part of the stylesheet then. I thought that was a Goldberg tic, like Taranto and “kerfuffle” over at the WSJ.

    It’s a Britishism. The only place I think I’ve ever seen it in print is in Private Eye.

  16. Foxfier, it would be shorter to list who that DOESN’T apply to. 😉

    Nah, Nate, a lot of folks do that for stuff they mention in an article– but they usually don’t manage that with the entire subject. They’ll at least have a supposed expert in to explain it.

  17. White privilege, Native America Indian privilege, Black Hebrew Nationals privilege: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal (not born equal).”
    Can only the white man procreate another human being through his privilege? Can only the white man name creation? Can only the white man reason, identify and believe? Can only the white man freely choose to follow his vocation? Can only the white man be given the gift of Faith, Hope and Charity? Atheism has imposed it ugly lies about mankind and driven identity politics to its deadly conclusion: Death to the white man and his privilege.
    What about the Native American Indian privilege? Death to the Native American Indian and his privilege. What about the Black Hebrew Nationals privilege? Death to the Black Hebrew Nationals and his privilege.
    The devil is a murderer from the beginning. The devil does not like to be found out.
    All men are created in sovereign personhood and privilege.
    What will it take to instill knowledge of all men’s privilege when our Founding Principles are cast aside and men choose the drown in a mire of ignorance and hatred?
    It is damned scary.
    “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) Posterity” from The Preamble, the purpose of our Constitution.
    Individuals who choose to act outside of our Founding Principles must be exiled to suit their ideology.
    But who would take them? The American atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair was refused entry into the USSR.
    For abusing our Founding Principles, these un-citizens, these un-patriots need to be exiled to a country with no American embassy. Antarctica, Amazon, Borneo, California….

  18. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (not born equal)” What part of “created equal” does Cuomo not understand? What part of self-evident “truths” does Cuomo not understand?
    Cuomo has taken an oath to uphold our Constitution and represent his constituents who hold our constitutional Posterity, all future generations, in trust for all eternity, for they are us.

  19. ‘For abusing our Founding Principles, these un-citizens, these un-patriots need to be exiled to a country with no American embassy. Antarctica, Amazon, Borneo, California…”


    Can we wait until the secession of California is completed? Then let the deportation commence.

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