Democrat Lecturing

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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


U.S.—The nation’s progressives announced Wednesday they will resume lecturing you on morality after they’re finished applauding a new law allowing more babies to be murdered that was passed in New York yesterday.

“Usually we like to lecture people to do better at following our movement’s ever-shifting moral compass every day,” said one woman in Manhattan. “But we’ll take the day off so we can spend a few minutes and celebrate this great new law that lets mothers kill their babies without consequence.”

“I mean, more easily than they already could, of course,” she quickly added.

Progressives stated they would be lecturing you on topics ranging from social and economic justice to climate change and fracking. But most of all, they’ll be focusing on lecturing you on healthcare, especially for the nation’s babies and children.


Go here to read the rest.  Democrats have a history of doing this of course.  Back in the 1850s some Democrats waxed eloquent on the positive good of slavery, and lecturing the country against interracial marriage was a common topic among many Democrats during election years until the sixties.  During World War II the FDR administration rounded up and interned Japanese-Americans on the West Coast, a move opposed by that radical civil liberties champion, Director of the FBI J.Edgar Hoover.  Nothing new here, only the identity of the innocent victims change.

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  1. Too busy getting their knickers twisted over MAGA hats and face crime and white male teenage spirit.

  2. Speaking of Mark’s slanderous and vulgar attacks on the Covington teens in the other post, here is Mr. Shea’s response to the NY abortion law:

    “Somebody asked me what I thought of the New York abortion law. I don’t have any big thoughts on it. It appears to me to underscore what is already legal under the 100% GOP-created Roe decision. So it appears to me to be almost entirely symbolic. I could be wrong. I’m no lawyer. To me it just looks like an affirmation of the law of the land and is, to that degree, absolutely no difrfe3rent than w than what Roberts, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh have said.”

    Barely worth caring about apparently.

  3. sarcasm alert……Unwanted pregnancy relief via new bill, could usher in an acceptance of a self serve strangulation practice. Take the box provided by PP and place newly strangled unit into box.
    Drop of box and collect a check from your friendly PP.

    Larger brains, pancreas’ and livers are sought after products. Now that NY has implemented this legislation who needs to spend the $ having a non-Doctor preform the abortion on you. Now just get your pink PP rip cord and finish the job yourself.
    After the first two or becomes fun!

    This of course will be part of the new sex education doctrine distributed through out the public school system. Third grade seems about right to introduce this progressive positive form of womans health care.

  4. Were the Justices in the Roe majority all appointed by Republicans, or was that something Shea read in the Online Gospel according to The Internet? I’ll have to look that up.

  5. Thurgood Marshal was appointed by LBJ; Brennan was a Democrat appointed by Eisenhower in an unfortunate attempt at bi-partisanship (Ike considered the appointment of Brennan one of his two biggest mistakes as President); William O. Douglas was appointed by FDR; Warren Burger, who would ultimately call for Roe to be reversed, was appointed by Nixon; Harry Blackmun was appointed by Nixon only because Blackmun was a good friend of Burger, and Burger hoped he would vote in lockstep with him (on the court they would become mortal enemies); Potter Stewart was appointed by Eisenhower; Lewis F. Powell was appointed by Nixon.

  6. So much for the “100% GOP-created” arse-certion. Never let the facts get in the way of the rhetoric because the rhetoric feels so good I guess.

  7. Sorry Mark-who?,

    I don’t read amoral, uncharitable nonsense from people (like you) that think it’s ok to kill 73 million babies, you rodent.

  8. New York’s state law says that a baby is not a baby until the state acknowledges him with a birth certificate. A father is not a father until the state acknowledges him with a baby’s birth certificate.

    Science says that a baby is a baby at fertilization. Science says that a father is a father at procreation.

    New York’s state law to allow the killing of unborn human beings until the state acknowledges them and gives them citizenship at birth with a birth certificate is a monstrous denial of science and an attempt to impose a state convention over reality.
    The administrative state is mob rule.

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