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News that PopeWatch missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


ALBANY, NY—As the New York State Senate voted to legalize abortion until the moment of birth, remove legal protections for late-term unborn babies, and allow anyone with a pulse to perform abortion procedures, witnesses claim a demon lord was clearly visible in the gallery cheering on the decision.

“This dude in a dark cloak appeared in a flash of fire and started cackling and stuff,” said one woman who also applauded the decision. “We thought maybe we should call security, but then we saw he was cheering right along with us, so we decided that he can’t be all that bad.”

The demon lord solemnly applauded as legislators passed the historic legislation, in which a human being can be murdered even though he or she has fully formed organs and can feel pain.

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And from the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Conceding that, though the Catholic Church would no longer tolerate blasphemous and heretical decisions made by Catholic politicians, both Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Pope Francis confirmed Thursday that they couldn’t, for the life of them, find a single reason to excommunicate Governor Andrew Cuomo a day after he signed a bill that allows abortions up to the final day of pregnancy.

“Oh, it’s not for a lack of trying,” Dolan told EOTT this morning. “But he’s a sneaky little guy. If he does ever use his public office to do something completely contrary to faith and morals, he doesn’t do it out in the open. He’s like a mob boss. You know he’s up to something, but you just can’t seem to catch him in the act. Trust me, we’ve searched high and low for reasons to excommunicate this guy, but he’s always been one step ahead of us.”

“That tricky little rat,” Pope Francis said as he frantically searched through New York magazines and websites in hopes of finding even the smallest trace of blasphemy. “Sheesh, he’s good! Can’t find a darn thing on this guy. I don’t know—perhaps the best thing to do is to hang tight and be patient. A guy like this, he’s bound to slip and commit an abomination. That’s when we’ll get him.”


Go here to comment.  PopeWatch called the Vatican for comment, but was advised that the Pope was intending to comment about the New York legislation and the possible excommunication of Governor Cuomo on February 29, 2019.

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  1. It’s never too late to save lives.
    Cardinal Dolan, take some of your NY dioceses’ millions$, (what’s left from the sex scandal payouts); hire the shrewdest legal team and bank roll a court appeal in Albany. Call your bishops in and mandate Holy Hours X times a week. Do what you should have done BEFORE the bill was passed to combat this evil perpetrated on the unborn babies and yes, their mothers and fathers. Women will be maimed and dying in these butcher shops too.
    This law is a crime against humanity; genocide. Shout out the demographic statistics of abortion and its aftermath. Set up more crisis pregnancy centers, more adoption counseling centers and more orphanages. Fund a really savvy media campaign- use billboards, TV and radio PSAs. Work with Mormons and other pro life Christian who have positive short pro life PSAs. Anti-abortion and pro-life is not just a Catholic issue. It is bigger than that; anyone who believes in God should be against this murder of innocents.

  2. CAM.

    Is it all about money?
    Don’t rock the boat.. don’t disturb the affluent parishioners, don’t be judgemental?

    Your suggestions are good. A campaign to try to derail the bill before it became law seems like a very logical approach to such a “hate” crime. Hate crime. They use the term when we quote from Scripture but no one who is sane could agree with the celebrations going on supporting this faux law.

    I can’t imagine how the new trade center tower will topple, but I can imagine that NY might be in for a deep blow the will bow the heads of the most prideful Scoundrels in America. It’s coming. Natural this time, is my guess.

  3. He’s already under Canon 915 for living openly with a woman not his wife.

    But yes, it boggles that the Catholic Church won’t stand up for itself.

  4. “Cardinal Dolan: Excommunicating Andrew Cuomo “Not an Appropriate Response” for Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth”
    If Cuomo cannot be excommunicated for murdering the unborn until birth, then Cuomo must be expelled as persona non-grata from our nation for murdering our constitutional Posterity, our future, all future generations.
    Cuomo is competing with Kermit Gosnell for being the biggest serial killer on the planet.
    As for Dolan there is nothing good I can say about him. Dolan is an enabler. Herod himself.

  5. Cardinal Dolan and the bishops of New York don’t realize that Gov. Cuomo is not only giving the finger to them, he’s giving it to God as well. Cuomo is also working to keep Christian adoption agencies from having a license if they won’t allow homosexuals and single people to adopt. Cuomo is making himself – god.

    New York is the example of what is coming to this nation if the Catholic Church continues to remain silent on the sin Catholics are committing by endorsing with their names and supporting with their votes the Democrat Party. It’s a mortal sin against the 5th Commandment to join the Nazi Party and the KKK because they support and promote the discrimination of people over their race, nationality or religion, which “hurts the feelings of our neighbor and is therefore a sin against charity. TO DENY ANY PERSON HER OR HIS RIGHTS IS A SIN AGAINST JUSTICE AS WELL AS CHARITY.”(my emphasis) (Life in Christ – A Catholic Catechism for Adults 1995)
    It is right there in our catechism on the 5th Commandment– “To deny any person her or his rights is a sin against justice as well as charity.” The unborn human persons are being denied their right to life, a life Catholics profess to believe God created!

    The 14th Amendment to our Constitution says “All persons born…in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. NO STATE shall make or enforce ANY LAW which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; NOR SHALL ANY STATE DEPRIVE ANY PERSON(!) OF LIFE, liberty, or property, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW; NOR DENY ANY PERSON WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.

    What does one have to be, in order to be a citizen of the United States? ONE HAS TO BE A PERSON BORN…IN THE UNITED STATES. Dose “BIRTH” MAKE YOU A PERSON? NO! Cats and dogs are BORN IN THE UNITED STATES; they are not citizens. ONE MUST BE A PERSON, FIRST, THAT WHEN BORN IN THE U.S. RECEIVE CITIZENSHIP INSTANTLY.


  6. Cardinal Dolan and the bishops of New York don’t realize that Gov. Cuomo is not only giving the finger to them, he’s giving it to God as well.

    They know – they just don’t care. They’ve been giving the finger to God for so long themselves, they are right alongside Cuomo (p*ss be upon him).

  7. I think it’s more likely that they do care, but feel either there’s nothing they can do, or else feel whatever they do will only make things worse.

  8. “I think it’s more likely that they do care, but feel either there’s nothing they can do, or else feel whatever they do will only make things worse.”

    Actually that would be more damning than if they simply do not care. Catholic bishops back before Vatican II had a reputation as fighters. Case in point, Dagger John Hughes:

    Archbishop John Hughes (1797-1864) of New York, was a titan within the Catholic Church in America in the nineteenth century. Overseeing with skill the explosive growth of the Church in New York, and helping lead generations of Catholic immigrants out of poverty, he also found time to take part in the public affairs of his day, and was probably the best known Catholic churchman of his time. He was also a very tough and fearless man. After the anti-Catholic riots in Philadelphia in 1844 he called on the mayor of New York, an anti-Catholic bigot, and informed him that if a single Catholic church were touched in New York, New York would be a second Moscow. (The reference was to the burning of Moscow in 1812 during Napoleon’s occupation of the city.) Not a Catholic church was touched. On another occasion when a threat was made to burn Saint Patrick’s cathedral the Archbishop had it guarded within hours by 4,000 armed Catholics. No wonder his enemies and friends nicknamed him “Dagger John”!


  9. It’s not just Cuomo, it’s EVERY person in the NY legislature who voted aye for this murderous bill that has blood on his/her hands and a black stain on his/her soul.
    Every Catholic newspaper in NY and every Catholic news service should print an article describing just what this new law allows. At the bottom list the names of each legislator with the vote ,aye or nay, next to the name.
    Would that open up cause for lawsuits against the papers? Don’t print the party affiliation then though the vote is a matter of public record.

  10. By the way, there is an organized movement afoot in Virginia to unseat every pro-life and socially conservative legislator in the state Assembly and US Congress.

  11. Arguably it was easier for Hughes than Dolan. The Catholic Church in the U.S. knew it was counter-cultural back then.

  12. Perhaps if those in power like governor Cuomo were caught, photographed and heard chopping up a helpless
    Baby, the Pope and Cardinal would recognize a reason for excommunication of Governor Cuomo.

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