The McCarrick Doctrine

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Brilliant post by Father Jerry Pokorsky at Catholic Culture:


It cannot be denied that a large number of Catholic bishops and their vicars lied, covered up, and abused their positions and faith. The sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people were not only the result of the dereliction of duty of bishops in governing but in several cases obviously enabled by their own secret sins.

Many, like former cardinal McCarrick, have used the Church for their own grotesque purposes that not only include clerical careerism but personal enrichment, indecency, sodomy, and other forms of sexual debauchery. And the same leaders, like McCarrick, helped shape the opinions and practices of the body of bishops. The “McCarrick Doctrine” is an apt description of the policies, procedures, and protocols that governed the Church in the United States for decades.

Following the McCarrick Doctrine, bishops have habitually avoided confrontations with a debased culture by pretending that the sexual abuse of our young people has little to do with homosexual clergy and dissent from traditional Catholic moral teaching. (Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the preacher to the papal household, not unexpectedly dodged the question during the recent bishops’ retreat in Chicago.)

Bishops have encouraged the gay agenda in many of our dioceses by overlooking the studied ambiguity of their methods. They fund “LGBTQ ministries,” turn a blind eye to “gay-friendly” parishes, and lionize and fund gay activist priests like James Martin, SJ. In all likelihood, many have been blackmailed to remain silent, lest their own sexual proclivities and lapses be revealed.

By neglect and malfeasance, the body of American bishops has effectively smeared the reputations of a handful of bishops who have been caught up in the present culture of suspicion. They now find it impossible to administer their dioceses with Catholic sensibilities using the tools of Catholic moral theology.

The bishops have often covered their unholy conspiracies with words like “collegiality” and demanded “respect and obedience” as a means to deflect any and all criticism from our priests. Passive-aggressive penalties are administered for perceived violations. Hence priests are trained to cower and behave like gossipy school girls rather than men. There is little reason to doubt that this will continue.

The McCarrick Doctrine requires bishops and priests to be practical atheists, exchanging Catholic tradition with its hope in everlasting life for the false promises of comfort and financial security in this life.

Many bishops have turned a blind eye to the abuse of the innocence of the Sacred Liturgy. But in this, they overlook the narcissism of priests engaged in abusive liturgical practices-—a narcissism that is closely related to that of personal sexual disorders.

Over many years, the body of bishops has been led by liturgical “experts” who perverted the official liturgical translations appealing to worldly sensibilities and resisting efforts at restoring translations to orthodox accuracy.

With only a few noteworthy exceptions, the bishops followed the McCarrick Doctrine in allowing pro-abortion Catholic politicians to besmirch Catholic morality and receive Communion with ecclesiastical impunity. Abortion is child abuse in the womb. The pattern of indifference is familiar.

Bishops have abandoned their young people to Catholic universities that not only distort the Faith but actively hold the Faith in contempt. Feminism and gender neutrality have become the Golden Calves of academia. The failure in the oversight of schools is a sin that cries out for God’s vengeance.

Bishops and officials at the highest levels of the Church have embraced political causes such as “climate change,” open-borders immigration policy, and multiculturalism in vain attempts to appease the liberal enemies of the Church. And they have alienated Catholics who, in good conscience, exercise their right to disagree.


Go here to read the rest.  As the swift throwing of the Covington students to the media wolves indicate, the leaders of our Church, with a few honorable exceptions, quaver in fear of those who hate the Church, when they are not actively aiding those who hate the Church.  This goes right to the top, where Pope Francis displays each day a disdain, if not outright hatred, of traditional Catholics, and an overweening eagerness to have the Church participate in Leftist crusades.  Enemies outside the Church Catholics expect and can usually deal with;  betrayal from withing is another matter.  I am a loyal Catholic, and only idiots or worse could say the same about almost all the men who mislead our Church today.

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  1. The society of Judas must somehow be disbanded, but how?

    When the appointments of Bishop’s has nefarious or less than holy selection prerequisites how on Earth are we going to see true piety flow from the pastor of the diocese? Hence leadership that supports authentic Church doctrine and true Holiness for the priesthood as well as for the laity.

    My guess is that it’s going to take a miracle.

    Even if we had a Raymond Burke as Pope we still will have Cardinals and Bishops that will try to continue in the unholy ways that leads to a weak Church and a Culture of paganism.

    Our Hope is in the Lord.

    Staying focused on prayer and fasting for our Church is the only tangible method that we can all participate in. In that, we can help raise new pastors. (Vocations to the religious life.)
    Zero tolerance to the abuser is another tangible via the court system.

  2. Great post, Donald! It only leaves one question unanswered: What do we do about it?

    I notice that in the comment above mine, Phillip urges prayer and fasting. So, prayer and fasting in hopes of a miracle is the only thing we can do in the present situation?

    Honest question: is there some threshold of piety that the laity must attain before God will act to cleanse His Church? I ask because it increasingly seems to me that piety is achieved not through the Church, but in spite of it, and that the Church has become the opponent of salvation. And so if God is going to act Just As Soon As “x” more meals are skipped, and/or “y” more rosaries are prayed, then the likelihood of us achieving that level of piety seems vanishingly small.

    God must act, as He always has, in His own time. My thought is that the only relevant options left to the people of God are either despair or massive direct action. Unfortunately, there is no leader for this latter option.

  3. “What do we do about it?”

    Continual protest until it changes. Supporting good priests and bishops. Calling bad clergy on their actions. The Covington students debacle gives us a partial road map going forward.

  4. Isn’t the NY State Attorney General’s office investigating both Cardinal Dolan and the Archdiocese of NY for clerical abuse? The Governor would have to have ordered that investigation. No mystery why Dolan and others will not ex-communicate the Governor. Human sacrifice of infants seems like a high price to be paid to protect unfaithful Bishops/Cardinals/and the Governor, who can go down in NY history along with Herod the Great and the massacre of the Holy innocents in Bethlehem. Let’s not forget the ambitious but unfaithful Dolan once thought he had a chance to be Pope…He would not allow the birth of a innocent baby stop him from his own ambitions.

  5. “Give us this day our daily bread” the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and the ordained ministers of Holy Orders necessary. Every unfaithful priest prays for the coming of the kingdom of heaven and his ow demise..

  6. 1 Corinthians 12: 22On the contrary, the parts of the body which seem to be weaker are indispensable, 23and those parts of the body which we think less honorable we invest with the greater honor, and our unpresentable parts are treated with greater modesty, 24which our more presentable parts do not require. But God has so composed the body, giving the greater honor to the inferior part, 25that there may be no discord in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. 26If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. 27Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.28And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, then healers, helpers, administrators, speakers in various kinds of tongues”
    Sodomy is a lack of “modesty” and the abuse of an unpresentable part of the body. McCarrick is an “unpresentable part of the body” without the intelligence to treat himself with modesty.

  7. Catholic Prophecies confirm to us the destruction of New York, New York. Is it little wonder!!! Our Lady speaks of 10 events that are going to unfold soon. The destruction of New York is part of one of them. Mary laments, “You are asleep and it is too late to awake you!”
    Our Lady of Peace to Pedro Regis at Anguera, Brazil: “The West shall tremble with the adverse events caused by the invisible enemy.” “Know, all of you, that now is a good time for your conversion. Don´t cross your arms. God is in a hurry. Get closer to prayer. Don´t stay stuck in sin. My Lord hopes much from you. Enemies will enter “Manhattan and My poor children will carry a heavy cross.”
    “Men with beards will act in a great city. A weapon of great destruction will be prepared in a laboratory…”
    Don´t back out. I will speak to My Jesus for you.” “I suffer because of what is coming to you. The nest of the eagle will be invaded and there will be great destruction. Terror will spread and my poor children will weep and lament.” Mary is speaking to New York, the United States, and the world.
    This comes from an Irish visionary Christina Gallagher “ I leave you with the words Jesus spoke on my return journey from the United States.” September 2018
    “…My people of New York, you fail to hear and take to heart My call. You have a very short time to answer to My call. Your life is so busy with everything of the world and that of the flesh. I do not exist in your lives but when the chain of power begins, you will realize how foolish you have become. I call you ‘man of sorrow’ for that is what you have been in My Heart. Listen in humility to My Wisdom through My messenger regarding the existence of New York, for it will be disintegrated …to a non-existence while you are asleep and it is too late to awake you. Time is NOW. Your time is short. As I said, I will not call again. The choice is yours. My people, I love you. Turn to Me while you have time. Accept Me as your Lord and Savior.”
    A book and web site, After The Warning to 2038, relate many more Catholic prophecies.

  8. From a scriptural angle, what your article describes is explained by St. Paul. When looking to the future of the Church, St. Paul spoke of a future “apostasy” (i.e., loss of faith, apostasia in the original Greek) and the revelation of the “lawless one” (2 Thess 2: 2-8). St. Paul even gives the reason that this would take place: “they have not accepted the love of truth so that they may be saved” (2 Thess 2: 10). This diabolical dimension explains the fury and Pharisaical self-righteousness of the secularists in their desire to eliminate anything religious. They are under the spell of the Father of Lies who hides behind expressions like “mercy killing” to eclipse the truth about the evil involved. Like Peter in the courtyard, many of our ecclesiastics today are in effect denying Christ because of their fear of the (earthly) consequences. Nevertheless, St. Paul in the same passage also predicts the victory of goodness through the “breath” (Holy Spirit) of Jesus which in some mysterious way will reverse the situation. At Fatima, Mary basically repeats what St. Paul said with the prediction that “My Immaculate Heart will triumph and a time of peace will be granted to the world.” She asked especially for the prayer of the rosary and reparation for sin as our indispensible contribution to hastening the day of the triumph that requires human cooperation with heaven’s merciful designs.

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