American Siberia

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Life in the Midwest of this fair land of freedom can be an interesting, yes that is the word, experience for a number of reasons.  For example our weather, which tends to go to extremes.  I recall a professor of African history, who was from Africa, who announced to my class at the U of I circa December of 1977 that he had never lived in a place before where the weather could kill you so quickly.   Welcome to the Land of Lincoln prof!

Go here to view the temperatures that my little slice of paradise will be experiencing today, Wednesday and the early part of Thursday.  Those are of course Farenheit numbers.  The low temperature on that list translates to -30.55 Celsius, which is a bit brisk even for me.  Of course at the law mines we will be having a new phone system installed tomorrow when every sane business will be closed.  Ah well, challenges are ever the salt of life.


Update I:  Good to see that the citizens of Chicago are meeting this weather emergency with the traditions that have made the Windy City a byword around the world.  Go here to read about it.

Update II:  January 30, 2019 at 7:50 CST:  Downtime Dwight is a balmy -21.  No worries, the temperature will rocket up to -14 before plunging again today.

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  1. My dad was raised in Poland. Born in America he migrated to Poland where the temperature would drop to -40. He said that if you spit, it would freeze before it hit the ground and then it would bounce. The bark on the apple trees in the orchard would split and the orchard was ruined. I do not envy you.
    My son lives under the Great Lakes and so does my daughter’s daughter.

  2. It’s global warming, I tell you! Climate change! We’re all a’gonna die!

    The goddess Gaia myth: CO2 traps more infrared radiation at Earth’s surface, increasing surface temperatures, melting more ice at the polar ice caps, causing salinity in the North Atlantic to drop as fresh ice melt enters, slowing the warm thermohaline circulation from the Gulf of Mexico in the south, dropping temperatures in the north, causing more snow and ice. Mother Earth is having a fever to rid herself of the virus called mankind. She does that by getting cold. That’s what Al Gore says! You just gotta have an open enough mind (so that all your knowledge drops on out).

    Of course we will ignore that the occurrence of more snow and ice will self-balance this feedback loop. And we will ignore the drop in solar activity and the increased light scattering particulates in the atmosphere from recent volcanic activity. It’s only man and his dreaded fossil fuels doing this. And we will oppose the ONLY means of replacing dreaded base load fossil electrical generation – nuclear – as we tout useless worthless wind and solar (that don’t work in extreme cold and snowy conditions like this that have less than hours of sunlight). Meanwhile, Al Gore goes on another global jaunt in his fossil fuel spewing jet aircraft.

    That all said, stay safe, Donald! Stay warm. Thank God for Exelon’s 11 nukes in Illinois that generate 11,841 MWe of pollution free electricity without need for refueling in harsh winter conditions (2 @ Braidwood, 2 @ Byron, 1 @ Clinton, 2 @ Dresden, 2 @ LaSalle and 2 @ Quad Cities). And reschedule the phone installation for a day when God’s weather is more amenable. The only ones who should be out on the roads are emergency first responders and nuke power plant crews going to work to keep the lights and everyone warm in the midst of this global warming event. 😀

    Neutrons ‘R Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. In Southern New England it can get down to -10F to -12F, but not Midwest cold.
    The only natural things of concern here are hurricanes (we can see them coming) and now great white sharks. I have to constantly correct brainwashed people who think the sharks are here because of global warming; no, “seal colonies (protected by federal law) came down from Canada where the water is too cold for sharks which smell seal (poop) in the water and come in from offshore.”
    It’s amazing how climate change group think turns people’s minds to mush.

  4. Low teens below zero in the Siouxland, high twenties to low thirties below zero windchill, depending on how hard the wind is blowing.

    A lot of schools are already closed until Thursday.

  5. Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of Maryland, our school district is closed today because we’re expecting 1-2″ of snow this afternoon/evening. Coming from PA, I just shake my head and laugh. Our homeschooled kids will be doing their work today and playing outside when it warms up and the others are stuck in school.

  6. I’ve actually ridden to work cows in -10F weather.

    That was the last year the ranch kept cows down in Moses Lake, thank goodness; even calves who weren’t soaking wet were getting frostbite.

  7. “It’s global warming, I tell you! Climate change! We’re all a’gonna die!”
    I wish we had some global warming going on. The cold is fine, but wind does scare me. I am thankful not to have to cross the Mighty Mac. Our new governor here in Michigan (Gretchen Wittmer,D) has declared a state of emergency. I’m not entirely convinced that is warranted. Oh the other hand, at the moment, I have power and my furnace is running. I might feel differently if I didn’t.
    My homeschooled son is also doing homework. I fully expect his public and private school friends will have the entire week off.

  8. Ssssleeping bbbearr ddddunes nnnationnnal ppppark…dddaaddddats mmyyy. B…b……bbback yarrrrrd.
    Neear Ttttraverse city miccchigan.

    Tooo coldd ttto tttyyppe..

  9. What are you complaining about? Google says it’s above zero, (which is more than 20 degrees warmer than it is in Siouxland). Throw on a blanket or something.

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