PopeWatch: Cardinal Mueller

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Gerhard Cardinal Mueller, writing on sexual abuse within the Church for Lifesite News, delivers a none too subtle slap at how the Pope is handling the situation:


When analyzing sexual abuse of minors committed by Catholic clergymen, the fact cannot remain ignored that more than 80 percent of the victims are of the male sex. Nothing is going to be made better by denying the facts or by vaguely insinuating that “the” homosexuals – to whomever one might hereby refer – are being held accountable for all the sexual abuse, just as it is nonsense to hold accountable “the” priests for it as a group.

It also has nothing to do with celibacy or purported ecclesial power structures, but, rather, with the fact that the offenders have committed homosexual crimes. There does not exist the “homosexual” as a specific type of man, but, rather, there exist men with a same-sex attraction – independently of the moral assessment of homosexual acts.

The homosexual organizations and ideologies do not represent the interests of those people who affirm, within the Christian Faith, the Church’s moral teaching in this matter. The personal witness of a concerned man, Daniel Mattson, and his highly qualified book Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2017), is far superior to all of the homosexual propaganda and to the self-righteous orchestration of the “progressive” Catholics. However, the arrogance with which each one of those who does not follow the homophilic ideology is being exposed to contempt, as a homophobic underling (“Untermensch”), deserves now the opposition of every just and upright man.

Sexual abuse has its foundation in the immoral exercise of the sexual instinct. The male and female sexuality is intrinsically good because it has been implanted into the bodily nature of man by the Creator and because it predisposes him to a marriage between a man and a woman. The abuse of this sexuality is called the sin against the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue.

However, when an adult or superior sexually assaults someone who is entrusted to his care, his “power” is only the means (though also abused) for his evil deed, and not its cause. It is indeed about a double abuse, but one may not confuse the cause of the crime with the means and occasions for its implementation in order to unload the very personal guilt of the offender onto the circumstances or to “the” society, or to “the” Church.

Go here to read the rest.  Ever remember that the Pope should always be considered to be simply a mouthpiece for the Lavender Mafia.  If he makes traditional noises occasionally on the issue of homosexuality within the clergy, that is all it is, noise.  No policies will be implemented to combat the influence of homosexual clerics, and many of the Pope’s cronies will continue to be members in good standing of the Lavender Mafia.

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  1. May God provide a strong contingent of Bishop’s to say NO more!

    Zero tolerance. No homosexual priesthood allowed!

    God’s children deserve better!

    You can bet your Rolex that homosexuality will not be in the discussions, as from the Vatican that is. This must be a strong committed group to take head on the Lavender Mafia now.

    We need actions that will help restore confidence in those who place their trust in the priesthood and holy Catholic Church.
    That means strict enforcement of zero tolerance homosexuality in the priesthood.

    Rome needs to be cleaned out.

    We can start here in the United States and lead Rome.

    Something has to be done.

  2. Homosexuality is an act of nature. Sodomy is a free will act of man.
    The devil is two faced. One face on his head, the other face on his ass. The sodomites serve the face on the devil’s ass.
    The homosexuals believe that they can hide their evil, while their evil is written on their face, the face on their head.

  3. “[O]ne may not confuse the cause of the crime with the means and occasions for its implementation…”

    This analysis fails to grasp the distinction between necessary and sufficient causes. If I stab someone, my having a knife is a necessary, but not a sufficient, cause.

  4. You’re need to keep digging, if you’re really going to make a mountain out of that particular molehill.

  5. Mary, I take issue with “Homosexuality is an act of nature.” No, homosexual acts are unnatural. As far as I am aware homosexuality has not been proven to be natural.

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