Don’t Let Her Sing Boys!

An Illinois police department took to social media Tuesday to share photos of a high-profile arrest: Elsa, the Queen of Arendell from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

The McLean Police Department shared the arrest on its Facebook page Tuesday, writing: “Due to the EXTREME COLD weather, all criminal activity and acts of stupidity and foolishness has been cancelled … Even Elsa has been placed under arrest with NO BOND until further notice.” 

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  1. Some police department social media game is on point. You should check out the Louisville Metro PD facebook sometime.

    I’d also make a comment about the professional disney princess cosplayers (not making that up, it’s really a thing) but on my 3rd try I realized there was no way to phrase it that wouldn’t sound wrong.

  2. Their game can’t be that good. How cold can it be there? The officer is wearing short sleeves and the greenery is still green.

    What’d Elsa do, escape?

  3. The picture is one that went viral some time ago and cops release it during nasty cold weather. If they had been dressed like cops yesterday it would have looked like the Alaskan National Guard was taking her into custody and she would have been wearing three layers of parkas!

  4. Elsa does remind me of a sorority member I saw taken into custody after a cat fight at Garcia’s Pizza on Green street in Urbana, Illinois circa 1975. My only involvement, of course, was standing on the side lines saying “Shame! Shame!”. Ah, undergrad days at the U of I did have their moments.

  5. Sure you did, Don… 😉

    You were probably asking the officers to borrow the handcuffs for her later.

    (ok, one tacky joke)

  6. You were probably asking the officers to borrow the handcuffs for her later.

    No, Nate, handcuffs never were involved when I was dating, although I suspect that some of my lovely dates, I am sure, occasionally wished for a gag for me, since I was fairly talkative in my salad days. Whether they would also have wished to handcuff me, well, I hope not!

  7. Speaking of– from last year’s freak out, here’s a guy in an Elsa outfit (….) being the only person man enough to help a cop vehicle get out of the snow.

    FWIW, I’m a bleepin’ not-so-overgrown hobbit that’s very female, and I’ve done exactly what that dude is doing. Only thing more Dude than I’d do is that he doesn’t move well out from behind the vehicle before motioning them back.

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