55 days since Justice Ginsburg has been last seen in public.

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  1. It would not surprise me if the party that uses dead people to vote would have kept her death(if she is passed) secret just so the Senate can come to some sort of unified offense to derail another Trump nominee before letting the news out….just sayin…

  2. From what I’ve been reading, it’s a reasonable inference that those tumors she has in her lungs are a recurrence of the pancreatic cancer for which she was treated 10 years ago. Hard for her and her family if she’s not (as many of her age are) reconciled to leaving this world.

  3. Seasons change.
    I’ve prayed for her soul.
    Her death could result in the protection of the innocent life in the womb, obviously, so I’m not going to shed a tear at the news of her passing. May new SCOTUS appointment be fruitful for God’s plan in our lives.
    Her death could be considered reproductive Rights for the unborn.

  4. “Her death could be considered reproductive Rights for the unborn.” and the rest of us who refuse informed sexual consent for fourteen year old girls and international law to rule over American sovereignty.

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