PopeWatch: Expectations

Not a surprise.  In his airplane interviews the Pope normally has gotten closest to giving us his true views:

On board the Papal plane — Pope Francis has warned that expectations for an upcoming landmark Vatican summit on clergy sexual abuse should be “deflated,” as the problem of abuse is unlikely to be resolved through it. The pontiff’s move to lower expectations may disappoint some Catholics, particularly in the U.S. where the last year has seen a string of revelations about senior church leaders covering up abuse.

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane was on Pope Francis’ overnight flight from Panama back to Rome, during which Francis held a news conference for reporters in the cabin before heading back to the front of the plane, leaving journalists to translate and digest what he’d said.

He laid out three goals for the February 21-24 Vatican summit, and said the focus should remain squarely on them. Francis said he hoped to make church leaders across the globe understand the pain sexual abuse inflicts upon victims, teach them how to properly investigate reported cases, and develop protocols for the entire church hierarchy to use in any alleged instance of abuse.

“Let me say that I’ve sensed somewhat inflated expectations,” he told the journalists. “We have to deflate the expectations to these three points, because the problem of abuse will continue. It’s a human problem.”

Go here to read the rest.  No worries Holiness!  So long as you are Pope, it is a certainty that most Catholics are convinced that nothing meaningful will be done in regard to the abuse crisis.


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  1. Let me get this latest falsehood from Pope Chastisement straight. Poverty is caused by capitalism, but homosexual abuse within the clergy is a human problem? Christ actually said that the poor will always be with us. He never said that homosexual abuse would always exist within his Church. How long oh Lord?

  2. The Doubt And Confusion File.

    It appears the love fest between the NY Church and the New York State of Sodom is fracturing. In addition to the likely, most unrestrictive baby murdering wrongs on the Planet, il duce is placing almost no statutory limits on raising charges of sexual abuse/assault. Ergo, Cardinal Dolan (due to both?) and il duce are at each other’s throats. Money quote il duce said Pope Francis’ socialist justice opinions are closer to il duce’s than to Cdl Dolan’s.

  3. So Francis wants to take the Dallas Charter worldwide, is what it sounds like to me. The American Bishops ought (not that Cupich will) to mail it in. Literally.

  4. The most secure way to reduce the quantum of sexual corruption in the clergy is to incorporate into the discernment process elements which screen out those addled to a greater or lesser degree by homosexuality. That’s something Francis does not want to do and (we might infer) most bishops do not wish to do either.

  5. The sexual abuse of children is NOT “a human problem” The sexual abuse of children is a demonic problem. Victim bashing, that is, blaming the victim for the crime and all of humanity, is the height of vulgarity.
    Jesus Christ is a true man, a human being. Pope Francis is the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. The pope better start behaving like Christ or he will go to hell faster that when Lucifer fell from heaven like lightening.

  6. Victim bashing is blaming the victim for the crime. If you were not born you could not be murdered, abused, raped, enslaved, crucified. “He is guilty of death” is the charge against Jesus Christ, crucified. Let us start with Pope Francis. What would it take for Francis to embrace the truth? Reality is the mind embracing the truth, eschewing falsehood and the devil. Go Francis. We are watching you…

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