The Party of Infanticide

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Well, this was inevitable:


When asked about the controversial late term abortion bill presented in Virginia’s House of Delegates this week, Governor Ralph Northam said a fully developed child born in the third trimester would be kept alive, but the physician and mother would get to discuss and decide whether to take its life or not.

“If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother,” Northam said on WTOP’s “Ask The Governor” segment this morning.

Go here to read the rest.  This truly evil man was a pediatric neurologist before he got into politics.  When it comes to identity politics, Democrats have absolutely no problem in backing murder to win votes.

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  1. Governor Ralph Northam refuses to acknowledge his constitutional Posterity. Northam refuses to acknowledge his constituents born alive. Where is the difference between Cuomo, Northam and Kermit Gosnell? NONE.

  2. When asked about the elected official second term execution bill, the constituent replied “The elected official would be put on the ballot if that’s what the voters and the party desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the voters and the party, whether to hang the official or draw and quarter her.”

    * I used “her” to be inclusive, because I am just that kind of guy.

  3. Considering that the newly begotten sovereign person is legally and morally innocent, h
    Satan maybe?e is the standard of Justice for our nation.
    Why do our representatives eschew innocence for a biased mob?

  4. Lets do that again.
    Considering that the newly begotten sovereign person is legally and morally innocent, he is the standard of Justice for our nation.
    Why do our representatives eschew innocence for a biased mob?
    Satan maybe?

  5. I know God is waiting on the harvest so as to not uproot the wheat along with the tares if its done too early….surely the tares of this world are overtaking the wheat by now??

  6. Dear Lord, that’s horrific. The Left is moving fast now. My son says it’s the beacon flying up from Mordor signaling the beginning of the great battle.

  7. Seems that the Federal government should get involved for deprivation of Constitutional rights namely the right to life of a born person.

  8. The Political Left is mad. They aren’t crazy. They are past that. It is a collective mental illness.

    I briefly watched a video on You Tube on Tuesday. It was from TedX and it featured a college professor from England. His topic was that religion is in decline in the West and that decline is irreversible. He had a point.

    Churches across Western Europe are almost empty every Sunday. Churches are constantly closing here in the US as well. Vocations are drying up. A nearly half century old issue – legal abortion – has never been confronted by the American bishops. Only Bishop Bruskewicz and Cardinal Burke excommunicated abortionists. The rest make excuses.

    I don’t have the answers.

  9. “His topic was that religion is in decline in the West and that decline is irreversible. He had a point.”

    History demonstrates that he is wrong. The Death of Christianity has been trumpeted time and again down through the centuries.

    The diffusion of instruction, to which there is now so growing an attention, will be the remote remedy to this fever of fanaticism; while the more proximate one will be the progress of Unitarianism. That this will, ere long, be the religion of the majority from north to south, I have no doubt.

    Thomas Jefferson, November 2, 1822

  10. Local (Wash DC ) radio has been giving Northam hell, and they kept playing audio testimony from some twinkie that sponsors the bill. She’s only a freshman delegate and embarrassed herself. And you can tell she knows it.
    The whole thing seems pretty unpopular in VA.

  11. Some various thoughts on this.

    They are already killing the elderly off early by denying them treatment & nourishment. Some doctors are recommending it; some families are allowing it. I attended a pro-life conference in the Littke Rock, AR Catholic diocese with in the last couple of weeks one of the attornies present said that in CA, where they have legalized doctor “assisted suicide” or death by doctors, that the insurance companies are not covering end of life care. He said the insurance companies are paying for a $7000 pill that kilks people. He said that this “pill” is the same one given by some states to criminals who are being executed. He also said that in 20% of the cases the pill, when taken, either does not kill the person or the person suffers a torturous period of suffering before dying.

    If they will murder full term, innocent babies, they will certainly murder the rest of us & applaud that as well–in time.

    These pro-abortion politicians are devils doing the work of their father, the Devil.

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
    -John 8:44 KJV

    With that said, there is forgiveness & healing for abortion–for the mother. If someone has had an abortion, I would encourage them to seek that healing.

    These pro-abortion folks are a real life example of the “reprobate” mind referenced in Romans 1. The reprobate mind cannot take 1 + 1, morally, & get it to equal 2. When the reprobate mind adds 1 + 1, they may get 1.5 or 2.5, but they cannot get 2.

  12. “The whole thing seems pretty unpopular in VA.”

    It also was bound for almost certain defeat given that the GOP still, barely, has a legislative majority there. However — you heard it here first — I predict that Illinois will be the next state to try to match or beat NY in the All Abortion All The Time Sweepstakes, given that 1) our new Gov. Pritzker vows to make IL the “most pro-choice state” in the Union (we can’t excommunicate him, by the way, because he isn’t Catholic) and 2) we have veto proof Dem supermajorities in both legislative houses. Though maybe the pushback against the VA bill might persuade them not to go that far, at least not at this time.

    “Seems that the Federal government should get involved for deprivation of Constitutional rights namely the right to life of a born person.”
    You are absolutely correct.

  14. “Having second thoughts about raising a child, Liane Cartman asks the nurse at the Unplanned Parenthood clinic if she can get an abortion. When questioned about how long ago the point of conception occurred, Liane answered “about eight years ago”. The nurse is shocked and informs her that eight years is too old for an abortion.” -From episode 202 of South Park. First aired in 1998.

    Dang it, people. South Park is supposed to be SATIRE, not a how-to manual!

  15. Kathy Tran’s abortion bill died in committee 5-3. Thank you God for answering our prayers, the pro-life offices of both the Richmond and Arlington Dioceses and the Family Foundation ( See their website for other bills they won against). The fight is not over. More prayer, letters and fasting.
    Many high schools and colleges/universities banned pithing frogs in Biology and Zoology classes because students were squeamish. On the other hand human babies’ skulls are pithed in the womb while their legs are flailing outside the womb during partial birth abortions.
    Thank you for this post. The more attention that is brought to this evil crusade the better the chances to save lives.
    in his campaign ads Gov. Dr. Northam in scrubs was surrounded by young children. He declared that if elected he would keep Trump’s evil out of Virginia. He didn’t mention homegrown evil.

  16. There is only one good thing I see coming out of these evil and horrific actions in NY, VA and other states – I see even “pro-choice” people saying “Whoa! This is going too far!” One woman on Twitter said that when the NY law was passed, it really made her rethink her position on abortion and she did a 180 in the space of 24 hours. I’m hearing people on radio talk shows say “I never really thought about abortion before, but this is absolutely horrifying.” Most of those people won’t become staunch pro-lifers overnight, but the Dems extremism is finally causing them to think about the issue. I have been online encouraging such people. I don’t argue with them that it is a baby from conception, just agree with them that 3rd term abortions are evil. Because I think if people are appalled by that, and start thinking about the horrors of abortion, many of them will end up moving – maybe slowly – to the prolife side. Democrats are overreaching on this issue – because evil always does – and showing their ugliness openly. I think it will boomerang on them – at least I pray it does.

  17. Firstly, Christianity is not on the decline. Look at your pews on Sunday. I don’t believe the “statistics” fed to us. I don’t pay much attention to the media or any of those so called “social commentators” looking to progress their leftist profile. It’s such a trendy thing these days to rubbish religion, notably Christianity. That song is starting to loose its shine because frankly the stats vs reality don’t add up.

    Secondly, this bill is truly Satan’s work. And the legislators and government officials are Satan’s hands. We are no better than primitive civilisations who used cannibalism as common practise. In fact we have become lower than that. This is beyond vile. How can these legislators not recognise this? Lord have mercy on us.

  18. Mr. McClarey and Ezabelle – the English professor was referring mainly to Western Europe – and Christianity has been shrinking there. Spain and Ireland were one Catholic stalwarts who allow abortions and gay marriage. The French Revolution started the fall of the Church in France. The German Church is led by Marx and Kasper – those two could not lead a pack of rats to a garbage can.
    Each year, fewer English participate in the Anglican Church. Quebec used to be Catholic, too.

    It is thought in some Traditionalist Catholic circles that Western society will, some way or another, collapse – be it due to overwhelming public debt, war, public unrest or something else….and then the Trads will be there to pick up the pieces and start over, similar to the end of the Roman Empire.

    The Church will not be destroyed. It is not a human institution. If it were the scoundrels within it would have destroyed it long ago. However, the Church is not guaranteed to last in any one place.

  19. Penguins Fans, I agree with your summary of these European nations….and Canada. But frankly, I wouldnt be referring to any Western European nation…or Canada for that matter, as an example of anything resembling Christianity. There is too much Muslim immigration which outnumbers traditional Christians in population in these countries.

    But I can tell you this, when you look at the majority of the young Priests today, most are coming out of Asia and Africa. If you analyse the pews in major cities in Western countries, you will find a young thriving Parish full of Church goers from these same countries also. These are the ones having the larger families (generally speaking), and who are passing on the Faith properly. Many (not all), white Europeans, Americans and Australians choose not to be religious at all. So I don’t believe in the decline of Christianity at all, but rather a shift culturally, in who is filling our Church pews in the West.

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