Why Trump Won

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In America class differences in politics tend to be concealed by other differences, usually race, cultural issues, ideological battles, etc.  Trump however, the blue collar billionaire, tapped into the resentment of a great many Americans who have been the losers in global economic changes since the end of the Cold War.  The hysterical reaction to Trump’s triumph, at bottom, is largely the reaction of haves who sense that their good life has been placed in jeopardy.  The alternative to Trump, seized upon by the Democrats, is the exploded idea of socialism, to turn vastly more Americans into wards of the State.  At the same time they would lower our borders and allow tens of millions of low skilled workers into the country to drive down wages permanently, and ensure a permanent, well, at least for a few generations, majority voting bloc.  Of course all this is doomed to disaster.  The type of welfare state on steroids plans of the Democrats, if they were ever stupid enough to enact them all, would eventually collapse the economy, the prelude to armed revolt by masses of desperate people.  We are in a time of massive economic transition around the globe.  Trump wants a better deal for most Americans during that transition.  Most of his adversaries are in truth loyal only to their class of haves, with everyone else having to be satisfied with life on the welfare dole.  They of course will never say this, a good many of them may not even realize this will be the impact of the policies they seek to implement, but objectively that is what a dispassionate look at the facts reveal.


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  1. Trump won because 63 million normal/ordinary Americans awoke to the fact that Dems and establishment GOP do not advance their interests. In fact, the elites’ (worst political class in History) policies harm ordinary Americans, and the oligarchs don’t care.

    Of course, Dem/GOP stupidity helped Trump. Calling millions of voters “deplorable.” Trying to out-liberal liberals.

    A weakness among arrogant people: they have zero awareness of their massive limitations. They think they are so smart.

  2. I knew Trump wasn’t an imbecile as far back as the campaigns. I would be curious to know how much airtime he had to buy as oppose to the free attention he got to get his message across to the millions when all he had to do was to keep saying outlandish(to the established GOP/DEM) things at his rallies knowing full well that the media was going to be covering him 24/7. The media thought to expose him as a fraud and buffoon but in my mind, Trump played them like a song and he had the MEDIA help him get elected with all the coverage.

    To be honest, Trump was not my choice in the primaries but in the general elections where WAS no other choice than Trump.

  3. Trump won because he put American Sovereignty before global government. When Bill Clinton tried to impose globalism on the American people. Bill Clinton said: “it will only be a little sovereignty lost.” Sovereignty is like virginity and pregnancy. One is or one is not. Bill Clinton wrote an executive order to make all free lands and waterways his, two weeks before he left office. Clinton tried to give our Statue of Liberty to the UN (for a seat). Hillary wants international law to govern in the USA. Ginsburg does as well.
    Judeo-Christian values and our written Constitution are the Law of the Land. Our nation’s sovereignty comes from its sovereign citizens who institute our sovereign nation, America.

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