Something Wicked This Way Comes

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When God put man in a garden
He girt him with a sword,
And sent him forth a free knight
That might betray his lord;

He brake Him and betrayed Him,
And fast and far he fell,
Till you and I may stretch our necks
And burn our beards in hell.
GK Chesterton, Ballad of the White Horse


A traveler to almost any large ancient city would have noticed, on the outskirts of the city, mounds. As he got closer he would have observed that the mounds were multi colored. As he approached nearer yet he would have heard high pitched sounds emanating from the mounds, and that parts of the mounds appeared to be moving. Closer yet and he would have seen that the mounds consisted of dead and dying abandoned infants, dumped, along with other refuse, outside the city. The decision to abandon a child was legally in the hands of the father, and it was not at all uncommon. Jews and Christians were thought odd because they did not abandon their young to death, and because Christians would often rescue abandoned children and raise them as their own.


The current mania among Democrats for the legalization of maternal infanticide demonstrates how desperately our world needs Christ. Left to his own devices, Man will inevitably allow the strong to prey upon the weak. After Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist, let the cat out of the bag that the Democrats are now in favor of killing kids after they are born, he adopted the Doctor Mengele defense of “Lebensunwertes Leben” (Life unworthy of life.) by stating that he only wants to kill kids with serious fetal abnormalities or kids who are going to die anyway. Hey, no problem then! Of course even this barbaric defense is stripped away when one looks at the proposed bill, thankfully defeated because the Republicans have a razor thin control of the Virginia General Assembly. It would have allowed a second or third trimester abortion if a physician certifies that the pregnancy impairs a woman’s physical or mental health. The mental health provision means abortion on demand. Go here to look at the relevant section of the proposed bill.


Of course even this blood letting will not satisfy the Democrats. Leftists are always playing can you top this with each other, and soon enough they would be sponsoring bills to allow women, fathers and their rights are always non-existent in the worldview of Leftists, to murder toddlers who are less than perfect. This is what a Christless world looks like, and this is the world that the contemporary Left is busily bringing into being.

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  1. “This is what a Christless world looks like[.]”

    This. is. SPARTA!

    (No, seriously, this is what Sparta looked like.)

  2. God creates. Man procreates. Every nation that practiced human sacrifice is gone from the face of the earth. Now, a new demon has shaken his head. And it too will be vanquished.
    Our Lady of Fatima promised that many nations will be “annihilated”. These nations to be annihilated are founded on the evil of men.
    God does not contradict Himself. What God has created, the souls of men from conception, God keeps in existence. The evil men do deserves in Justice to be never more, if only to proclaim the sovereignty of The Supreme Sovereign Being. Man is made in the image and likeness of The Supreme Sovereign Being. If man discards his own sovereignty, he does so at the peril of annihilation, never ending annihilation, hell.
    “We, the people” are all generations, past, present and future. The Catholic Church on earth is all generations, the triumphant in heaven, the just on earth and the suffering in purgatory with Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. The souls in eternal, never ending annihilation are not remembered among those members of Jesus Christ who have accepted to follow Jesus Christ.
    The souls of the aborted and murdered, although scandalized by being aborted have a better chance at heaven than those aborting and murdering them. God help us. Jesus save us. The Holy Spirit of God protect us.

  3. “We, the people” are all generations, past, present and future. The Preamble to our Constitution promises “to secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” all future generations, created equal, not born equal.
    “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”

  4. We have two new granddaughters scheduled to be born in April.

    In the past, I posted the following (garnering angry reaction): Now more than ever: you won’t be going to Heaven if you vote democrat.

    Abortion is murder. Class hate/eat-the-rich is immoral.

    Trump 2020.

  5. “[Democrat Governor Ralph Northam] only wants to kill kids . . . who are going to die anyway.”

    We are all of us, at some point, going to die anyway. That is literally the only material thing that everybody has in common.

  6. I guess maybe that’s why all of the Left’s utopian schemes to build the universal brotherhood of man always end in death squads.

  7. If it were in my power I would require all college students to read Poul Anderson’s No Truce With Kings and follow it with my favorite CS Lewis quote:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

  8. Ernest-
    that was a perfect application of gallows humor. *applauds*

    T. Shaw-
    Congratulations on the granddaughters! Our newest addition is about three feet away, chewing me out for making her lay a throw-blanket for practice-crawling-until-a-nap-attack. (I give it about three minutes.)

  9. The Democrat Part Supports
    -Female genital mutilation

    Yet my wife still clings to the Democrat party because it affirms the transgender choice of our youngest son. /sigh

  10. “… thankfully defeated because the Republicans have a razor thin control of the Virginia General Assembly.”

    Please don’t let Mark know. His head will explode making up rationalizations for why this bill is the result of Republican policies and the Dems are the good guys.

  11. But, these videotapes of Dem lawmakers saying what they actually think are “Fake News” according to lib pundits. The Really Important Story this week is about how a gay black actor was nearly lynched in that hotbed of Trumpism, the north side of Chicago, by two males who almost certainly had to be Brett Kavanaugh and the Covington kid.

    Unfortunately, I have to visit Chicago next week, although it is a place I have tried to avoid as much as possible for the last 15 years. I must remember to pack my MAGA hat, my ski mask, my noose, and bleach for I will certainly want to roam around at 2 am outside Subway restaurants in frigid weather just in case a C list black actor who hates Trump crosses my path. Then I’ll scratch his face a bit and tell him that Chicago is now MAGA country.

  12. Struggling-
    Those roving bands of homicidally opposed to homosexuals, media obsessed*, MAGA-hat wearing guys carrying ropes and bleach at 2AM in the morning during a huge media event cold-spell are just incredible.

    *seriously, my reaction to hearing the guy’s name was “who?” And after having it explained, it was still “who?”

  13. “I believe in God, the Father, the almighty, creator of heaven and earth…” Notice, please that God did not create hell. Evildoers create hell. Northam and Cuomo do not want to impose their morality on people. Northam and Cuomo want to impose their hell on people.

  14. In Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff is a found baby. Adoption not abortion. Northam and Cuomo ought to be reducing the red tape for parents to adopt babies.

  15. @Struggling Catholic & @Foxfier

    I’ve been watching that story slowly unravel at some places on the internet. One response I saw that made me laugh:
    ‘Uh- A roving gang of MAGA terrorists!? At this temperature, at this time of night, in this part of Chicago, localized entirely inside a Subway!?”

    (for the old ones in the comments, it’s a reference to this meme)

  16. Democrats believe building a wall on our southern border with Mexico is immoral…yet Democrats defend the killing of children even after birth? Get ready, life is getting cheaper and cheaper at a very fast rate. They came for the children, then for the suicidal and then the elderly. How long before our turn…?

  17. If he wants to kill babies “who are going to die anyway”, then I guess he is saying: what difference does it make. This rhetoric is sounding too familiar. *cough* Hillary *cough*.

    This has nothing to do with medicine or compassion. It’s a desperate attempt at power and control. Evil thrives on unhinged power.

    And to shout “compassion” and “female rights” and to use the poor mother as the “decision maker” is disgusting. Vultures.

  18. Peguins F, Let us pray that RICO suits end Planned Parenthood, totally, and end with the entire American chirch homoarchy, priests and bishops, in prison.

    For 2020, may I suggest the GOP, both state level and national level, adopt the slogan MAKE AMERICA FAMILY AGAIN [eg for states MAKE TEXAS FAMILY AGAIN, even MAKE NEW YORK FAMILY AGAIN, MAKE (even) CALIFORNIA FAMILY AGAIN. Logo: complete rainbow with stick dad, stick mom, stick boy, stick girl and “It’s still is God’s rainbow.”

    The democrat Party of Death is the pary of anti-family: via death – abortion, euthanasia, research embryo deaths; via attempted annihilation of family – whatever we say is a family, zero mommies, zero daddies, zero mommies and daddies; and via insuring huge % of children are NOT born into a family, but onto the dem Welfare Plantation.

    Attempted totalitarian destruction of the institution of family is not new -and it always fails. Denial of reality always fails – eg it’s just a mass of cells, a gob of tissue, youi gonna beleive me, or you gonna believe your eyes.There is no dobut it is pure evil, demonic, and has been furthered by the demons, the devil’s minions in dresses with miters, the homopredator priests, the sodarapist monsignors and their prelate enablers who have seen to it that abortion businesses have thrived n America since Roe. This is no accident.

    Had all bishops gone to pray in front of abortion businesses like Bishop Garcida, Bishop Pfeiffer and Bishop Yanta (these I eyewitnessed) and had they excommunicated these evil catholics, like Bishop Gracida excommunicated Dr. Aquino and his head admnistrator in Corpus Christi, the scourge of abortion would be dark history throughout America today. Guy McClung, Texas

  19. I believe the evil people do always ends up showing on their faces. Has anyone taken a good look at Cuomo? He’s got the crazy eyes like AOC, a “rising star” so big in the Democrat party now she can be referred to by her monogram. A NY paper had today this headline about the polar vortex affecting the weather “it’s so cold AOC has her hands in her own pockets”, but this is what the Democrats want. Millenials want a good looking representative, that’s why AOC is digging in her claws and Beto has a chance, he looks vaguely Kennedy-esque, and YOUNG, so Democrats have hope, because we are a superficial people. No older person will be supported wildly by young people. Values all screwed up, they care mostly about the suit. As long as AOC looks like a hip and fashionable Communist, she’s good to go. And she’s lightin them up! She’s all the rage, even the old guard Dems are impressed by her star quality.
    Nobody has noticed she is dumb as a stump and just as uneducated. She has said when she’s factually incorrect she is still morally correct. So lies are truth and it’s all the same.
    This is not a party you can reason with, or use logic or facts. These people are deranged, and I’m talking about people who are supremely close to me, people I love with all my heart. The nicest people I know, the most sincere Christians, are Democrats!
    I can’t explain it, how can we be so far apart on issues. This culture has divided so many families and friends and neighbors. I want to ask all of them, ok, now do you endorse the murder of an infant that has just been born, or weeks before he or she is born? But I’d be afraid of the answer.

  20. “[H]ad [the bishops] excommunicated these evil catholics . . . “

    Y’know, on the issue of excommunication the thought strayed into my head today that part of what’s going on, long-game-wise (at least in NY) is Democrats want to get someone like Cuomo excommunicated over abortion in order to disqualify Catholics like Amy Coney Barrett (i.e. orthodox) from consideration for a seat on the Supreme Court. Bonus if it gets a sitting Catholic justice (Roberts or perhaps Kavanaugh) thinking about showing the “independence” of their judicial temperament.

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