PopeWatch: Muslims

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On the eve of the Pope’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, Edward Pentin has an interview with Egyptian Henri Boulad, a Melkite Jesuit:


Do you think Francis has in any way improved in his interaction with Islam?

Unfortunately, no. I feel that Pope Francis has hardly changed his approach to Islam in any way. His policy of the outstretched hand is always the same: that is to say, much too naive and angelic. Massive migration to Europe, mainly from Muslim countries, which he supports, shows that he loses sight of the serious societal problems that will arise: the non-integration/assimilation of Muslims in host countries, the incompatibilities of Islam with human rights, secularism, freedom and equality — not to mention the contradictions in the Pope’s statements.

On the one hand, he asks the host countries to respect the culture of immigrants, their Islamic worldview and traditions. And on the other hand, he asks Muslims to integrate and to respect the laws of the host country. It is quite difficult to reconcile these two opposite views, since Muslims consider the Sharia [law] to stand above the laws of the secular European host countries.

It is well known that Muslims have never integrated in countries invaded by them. Rather, they have forced the conquered countries to lose — often permanently — their ethnic and cultural identities, their religions, their languages and their traditions. This is a serious problem that arises more and more with political Islam in Europe. The Pope seems to ignore the history of Muslim conquests and the societal problems posed to Europe by political Islam. This endangers European identities, their traditions and their Judeo-Christian roots.

In conclusion, I would say that the Pope’s visit to the UAE could help Islam in getting out its present confrontation with the modern world. The only reasonable way is dialogue. For such a dialogue to be fruitful we need a common basis of values and principles on which we all agree. Given the openness of the UAE, they could — and should — play a key role to find such a basis in order to build together a permanent peace.

Go here to read the rest.  The illusory pro-Islam policy of the Vatican long predates Pope Francis.  He, however, has added a new element by his virulent support of mass Islamic immigration to Europe.  This has taken a bad, and inherently mendacious, policy of putting a fake smiley face on Islam, and turned it into a recipe for civil and religious strife in Europe.  That Francis probably has not a clue as to the effects of what he is doing, is both true and astounding.

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  1. By supporting mass Islamic immigration into Christian lands, it appears this pope has chosen to invert the very idea of the Crusades.

  2. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have … “

  3. Pope Chastisement cares not a whit about the consequences of his policies insofar as others have to suffer. He is safe behind high walls and knows others will come to his aid, with weapons, should he ever be personally threatened. At some point, Europeans will wake up to this realization and the scoundrel’s legacy will reflect this reality.

  4. Western Europeans are much too “enlightened” to be following a religion. So it is fair to say that Islam is only filling the void which was left when Europe abandoned the Faith. Unfortunately, it is also the fault of our past Popes who spent a good part of the 20th Century, evangelising the Third World nations of Africa and Asia along with the Orthodox Christians of Post-Soviet Moscow, that they forgot about Western Europe. It is too big of a job for someone like Pope Francis to try and “win back” Western Europe. The Orthodox Patriarchs might have a better chance…they have greater zeal for the Faith because they have had to fight to hold onto their Faith. The West, on the other hand, have taken their Faith for granted.

  5. Also Pope Benedict tried to call out Islam for what it was, and it wasn’t long after this that he resigned as Pope. Go figure.

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