Puppy Bowl XV

Today we have the top sporting event of the years.  I of course refer to Puppy Bowl!  I believe there may be another minor athletic contest that may also occur today.  However, in my house we will be turned to that unforgettable display of canine agility on Animal Planet!


I am dog man, but fairness dictates that I note that Hallmark Channel will be hosting Kitten Bowl V.




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  1. It seems that AMC is running a “Walking Dead” marathon.

    This year, the SB is Americans (the Patriots – well named) vs. un-Americans (Eagles). And, they say we Americans are “:divisive.” They have not yet begun to see divisive.

  2. Actually the “Big Game” this year is Patriots vs. the formerly LA, formerly St. Louis, now once again LA Rams. Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who took the team back to LA, is at least as despised in STL today as Walter O’Malley was in Brooklyn in the late 50s. Persons of my acquaintance who were St Louis Rams fans a few years ago have a “it’s a shame they can’t both lose” outlook on The Game.

  3. “Actually the “Big Game” this year is Patriots vs. the formerly LA, formerly St. Louis, now once again LA Rams. Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who took the team back to LA, is at least as despised in STL today as Walter O’Malley was in Brooklyn in the late 50s.”

    It always seemed to me that baseball is still king in STL – which is not surprising considering the proud history of the red birds. The residents might grumble about the Rams leaving, but if the Cardinals ever left, there would be riots.

  4. Eh, it isn’t so big to me. it isn’t big at all if the Steelers aren’t playing. My kids’ hockey games mean more to me.

    Being a Steelers fan,I loathe the Patriots…and all Boston teams. As for the Rams, Stan(k) Kroenke is a St. Louis native who bought the Rams from the estate of Georgia Frontiere – the woman who was married to Carroll Rosenbloom, the former Baltimore Colts owner who in 1971, traded the Colts to Bob Irsay, who bought the Rams from the estate of Dan Reeves, who moved the Rams to LA from Cleveland in 1946. Rosenbloom lied to Irsay – he told Irsay that Baltimore would build him a new stadium. Father of Nancy Pelosi – Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’ Alesandrio – never promised any such thing. Irsay, not the most mentally stable of men, was ticked off and moved the Colts to Indianapolis in 1984.

    Rosenbloom hated the Los Angeles Coliseum. His winning teams in the 1970s played before 30-35,000 empty seats each home game and that stadium is in a lousy part of LA. In 1978 he signed off on an agreement to move to Anaheim. His wife inherited the team after he drowned in 1979 and she broke the lease with Anaheim in 1995 to collect the king’s ransom offered by St. Louis – and the promised new stadium. She married longtime Hollywood TV theme composer Dominic Frontiere – who spent time in prison for tax evasion.

    The St. Louis Rams played before sellouts for years….until Kroenke got the team and drove it into the ground to give him a pretense to move it back to Los Angeles. The NFL wanted a team back in Los Angeles and the sleazebag commissioner Roger Goodell cared not one bit about the St. Louis fans left on the hook for paying for an empty domed stadium.

    Football has not been kind to St. Louis. 27 years of the then Football Cardinals – who moved there from Chicago in 1960 – provided three playoff appearances and not one home playoff game.

    The Patriots are the THIRD NFL team to call the Boston area home. The first was the Boston Braves (same as the old NL franchise now in Atlanta). George Preston Marshall bought them and moved them to Washington in 1937. Next, there was a vagabond NFL franchise that started in Dayton, Ohio and were at one time the Boston Pilgrims, the New York Bulldogs and the Dallas Texans. They went broke in 1952. The original Baltimore Colts team folded in 1951 and Baltimore was awarded the assets of the Texans….who became the second Baltimore colts and were owned by…..Carroll Rosenbloom.

    The Patriots were an AFL team who were a franchise largely irrelevant to most NFL fans outside of New England…..until the Tuck Rule of January 2002.

    Most NFL fans are waiting for Tom Brady to grow old and quit…..like most churchgoing Catholics are waiting for Pope Francis to quit. In both cases, the wait has been too long. I hope the Rams win – only because I’m sick of Brady, Belicik and Boston in general.

  5. Had a kind of cool event– went to the nearest Walmart basically to have a little time on my own.

    I went about 45 minutes after it became legal for them to sell anybody beer. On Superbowl Sunday.

    The place was PACKED, everybody was in a hurry, I nearly ran over a lady on foot…and everybody was happy, or at least focused. I dodged the lady because I’m use to my toddlers, and she ran and caught up and said sorry, laughing, she’d SEEN me in her peripheral vision and thought I was one of the kids.

    Inside was PACKED solid, but people were making efforts to avoid running into others, and laughing, and smiling.

    All the checkouts were open, and the self-checkout line was at least eight long, and nobody was even being grumpy. It was like being a commercial!

    My kids thank you for the Puppy Bowl link, they’re now settled down for the Big Show.

  6. I am a cat person, so it’s kitten bowl for me.

    The actor Brent Spiner (“Data” from the 2d iteration of Star Trek) has said that scenes with Data’s cat Spot could take all day to shoot because the cat would not take direction. I’m sure the kitten bowl consists of cats ignoring the enticements of the organizers.

  7. Penguins Fan, A bit of lack of understanding… The Patriots don’t call Boston home they call New England home. Foxborough while in MA is closer to Providence RI then Boston. Once the laughing stock of the NFL, the Pats have been blessed with a great owner, a genius disciplined coach, a smart stable disciplined clutch quarter back and smart disciplined players who were low on the draft aren’t greedy but want to be part of a “team” that wins. All of New England roots for the Pats, except perhaps Conn which as a state has been somewhat annexed by the evil empire to the south. The Patriot wins are proof that if you’re smart, not greedy for money, disciplined and never quit you win as a team.
    This super bowl marks an end to an era… Brady’s moved over to digits on his second hand!

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